(CLOSED) Family DAO Artisan’s Show Your Crafts Bounty

Here’s my own Entry

Wallet address: lolade.near


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This is my entry also…I make hand made crochet designs

Wallet: kohem.near


This is my entry for this bounty
Near Wallet: Maestro01.near


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These are my entries for this contest! @DUCHESS1 @Jummyk

Handicrafts by me
•Crochet bag - aside from doing arts I also love crocheting, I love making small bags and wallets and I also give them as a gift to my love ones.

•buri hat - my grandmother used to make buri hats from buri palm leaves, she taught us how to make them and this is one of the hats that i created in 2019.

• flower - i made a flower using plastic bottles from our house and I painted it. We also use this as a decoration in our living room.

•coin holder - i made a coin holder using plastic bottles that may also be used as a decor

Near id: maxzeinly.near


Please add me as a minter near id: maxzeinly.near


Hello everyone, this is my entry.

With the goal of tensioning the archaic and the technological, and as a ceramics artisan I’ve been experimenting with ways to put ceramic pieces as NFT’s, exploring editing resources and technological effects.

This gif was elaborated from a piece modeled in an electric lathe and finalized through a primitive kind of firing, where the piece after being fired is painted with liquid clay and placed over the fire. After this process the clay is washed, revealing a drawing made on contrast, areas that turn black due to the smoke and others that keep the color of the ceramic.

The drawn graphics are part of a study that takes inspiration from traditional indigenous cultures to create new geometries, based on the indigenous futuristic movement.

hope you like it, @duchess1 and @jummyk


Good craftwork,keep it up.


Hello @DUCHESS1 may we know if there is limit on submitting our entries, if so how many is the limit of entries?

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go on submit, we can also mint as many as u have, dont forget.

Hello @DUCHESS1 and @Jummyk, this is my first entry it is papier-mache minior, minior is a character from pokemon. I like pokemon that is why i made minior into papier-mache.

My Near Wallet: wonderingcreator.near

Hello @DUCHESS1 and @Jummyk, this is my second entry it is plastic fish in a cardboard aquarium. It is made from plastic bottles, cardboards, crumpled papers, sticks, and plastic cover.

My Near Wallet: wonderingcreator.near


Hello, @DUCHESS1 and @Jummyk
Here are my entries for the contest.

I’ve been doing crochet mostly in my spare time or when I want to give a gift to someone that they will remember and that is unique. Most of my art is amigurumi, which are crocheted stuffed animals or characters.

These three BT21 characters are Chimmy, Tata, and Cooky. I’ve made them as a present for my little cousins, as they are fans of BTS and they like stuffed toys.

Sunflower from PVZ
I’ve played Plants vs. Zombies since I was a kid. I made a sunflower amigurumi so that I have a house plant for my room that never withers. I used sticks and wires to make the head of the sunflower stand. The petals are a bit of a pain to make since I have to crochet them one by one and sew them to the face so that they won’t fall off.

This Baymax amigurumi was one of my first crochet commissions. The stitches are not that uniform and consistent, which shows my lack of experience at that time. I made this for my partner’s sister because she loves anything Baymax-related.

This Pikachu amigurumi is where I first started to use the felting technique for the eyes, where you use a felting needle and yarn to create features of the character like eyes and a nose.

I’ve always been fascinated by Russian dolls with diminishing dolls inside. I only made three chicks because I ran out of yarn and decided to give them to my friends as a gift.

Tulips Bouquet
I made this for my partner for Valentine’s Day. Her favorite flowers are tulips, and I made three of them, which stand for “I love you”. I added some leaves and lavenders to the bouquet to add variety.

Near ID: nodica.near


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This is my second entry on this bounty “Show your craft”

@DUCHESS1 @Jummyk
I hope you love it​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: