[Closed] December 2021 plan to make event - NFT Carnival real market Game in Goa

I want to do some event

Sounds like an interesting idea! Please refer to the Guide for Submitting proposals and provide an updated proposal that follows proper format:

Getting Started

  1. Post a ‘new topic’ in the Marketing Category under the Marketing DAO Subcategory
  2. Add the marketing-dao , proposals and daos tags
  3. Make sure your post title begins with [Proposal]
  • e.g [PROPOSAL] July 2021 Social Media Moderation budget for X Guild
  1. Give a brief overview of the project you’re proposing funding for in the title - short and sweet!
  • Include which type of marketing this falls under the umbrella of, e.g - Social Media, Advertising, Blogs, Events, etc

Sculpting a Proposal

What to include :

  • Guild name (if applicable)
  • Funding scheme: Monthly / Quarterly / Milestone-based / One-time etc.
    *** Initiative summary, be sure to include:**
    ** * Expected impact and value you foresee for the NEAR ecosystem/community**
    ** * Metrics for measuring success**
    ** * Estimated timeline and achievement milestones**
  • Links to similar, previously funded forum proposals (if applicable)
  • Funding Details
    • Total requested amount in USD and NEAR (price based at the time of posting)
    • NEAR Wallet ID / DAO
    • Wallet owner’s name