[CLOSED] Created Cover artwork for the Cécil – EQUAL NFT Album

Svara DAO is looking for dope artist and make a artwork for a Cécil – EQUAL NFT Album we’re working on. And in the artwork we want to make 1 character based influence like the actual one.

Deadline is November 11, 2023

Actual Artwork :

Direction and Characterized :

  1. Originality
  2. A girl holding light candle and using mask
  3. Have a scar on her body
  4. Have EQUAL words on the artwork but cannot be only Text
  5. Two Tone (ex. Black & White, Purple & Yellow, Red & Blue)
  6. Have Logo SVARA DAO on the Artwork
  7. 5 songs with 5 different artwork variations, like an NFT generator

Free character position, jump, run, right, left, fly, etc

Terms and conditions, Join Telegram Svara DAO Telegram and Follow @svaradao Instagram​:white_check_mark:

There is only 1 winner we selected with a $100 prize pool​:sparkles:

The winner must send the character design file

Deadline :

May the best designer win! Good luck guys​:fire:

Submit your design now​:bangbang:


Explanation of point 7

5 songs with 5 different artwork variations, like an NFT generator

We will use the selected artwork as the NFT album cover



Here is my entry. Let me know if you need alterations. Thank you!

drive. google. com/file/d/1-FpkkPPy0fy3HWIOEFnk9SXBtUC5Hdtz/view?usp=sharing

Just remove the spacing.

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For clarity sake, we’re to create a character, a lady, holding a light with different positions like running.


The position is up to you, you can read the detailed description above

Thanks :pray:t3:

This is artwork from printprintether

And this is artwork from Red Spallow


We are extending this bounty for only 4 days, so send your best work immediately


Here’s my entry:

Hello, here’s my entry!


Good Day everyone!

Here’s my entry


Hi! Here’s my entry :candle:


Because @ceciliaa12 is being treated in hospital, I have CLOSED this bounty event, Participants who submit after this announcement will not be counted.

Winner announcement, I will let you know as soon as possible.

thanks :pray:t3:


I very much hope @ceciliaa12 gets better soon :pray:t4:


2 days ago, last conversation with @ceciliaa12 , before he entered the CT Scan room, her chose artwork from @jcsarts.near

There was color revision request from Cecil

Please help pray for the recovery of my lil’ sister Cecil

Svara DAO Telegram

Please DM me @wiswizindo

Thank you all to those of you who have participated in this bounty

GBU :pray:t3:


Thank you Sir! Praying for Cecil’s recovery and health :pray:

Congratulations to you on your winning

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