[CLOSED] Created Character and Cover artwork for the SVARA album

Svara DAO is looking for dope artwork for a Svara DAO Compilation Album we’re working on. And in the artwork we want to make 1 character.


Direction and Character Traits

  1. The head wears a ninja sarong and sunglasses


  1. Using Nusantara clothing and a green Betawi buckle


  1. Holding the mic


  1. Use a necklace with the logo Svara DAO, gold in color

Svara DAO Bac Remove

  1. Wear Insane LEAGUE Shoes


This character must wear LEAGUE shoes, because we want to present with League to co-sponsor this project.

  1. Create 1 character with 2 different clothing color patterns, except the shoes must be blue like the example and a different background (such as generate), because we will release this album on web2 and web3 (Mintbase, Tamago).

(Created 2 versions of artwork for web2 and web3 albums).

  1. Cover Artwork size to 2048x 2048

  2. Album tittle SVARA

  3. Insert the NEAR & Musik Bagus Records logo in the background

Like on graffiti walls, billboards, tvs, laptops, basketballs, cars, motorcycles or whatever

But we want the doodle to be like this

Free character position, jump, run, right, left, fly, etc

terms and conditions, just follow Telegram and Instagram

There is only 1 winner we selected with a $100 prize pool

the winner must send the character design file

Deadline April 30, 2023

You can submit artwork here

Terimakasih/Thanks, :pray:
SvaraDAO Councils


Finally, there is a Bounty :blush::joy:


Woow Something to do​:joy:,


Finally the creative has decided to give bounties to the community.
Seems to be a good news

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Can we cahnge the position or you only need it in a “standing position”?

Let’s get to work

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free position, it’s up to you, running, jumping, flying or circus is up to you :pray:t2:

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LFG Bruuuuuh do you also want to draw M? :laughing:

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:Wiz, only in FL Studio or Cubase my brother

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Hi there Admins
I would like to submit my art here
How can I submit it.


Hi there Admins, I placed my final prices here on my gdrive. Tha k you for the bounty I had a lot of fun drawing and conceptualizing thanks again​:blush:


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I have downloaded the link from you, really appreciate it :fire:

Hello everyone. Here’s my submission

Link to drive:

Near address: eliaszinas.near


Hey there, how are you?

Nice bounty, motivated me to create a concept.

Ive enjoyed the briefing, so Ive dedicated my best to build a concept character to fullfill the request. Im not very used to some cultural traits, but ive dig into some research to find more references.

Ive raised myself into graffiti and rap scene, mixed with comics and hardcore, allied to tech.
formed a designer and illustrator. Heres my results

The main character concept:


Ive mixed the golden nekclace to put the symbol its his earring, as i tought i i looks cooler, but i could be adapted if its needed.


The backgrounds:

Ive created two differente pieces with different proposes. One a scenario, based at some refs, where Ive added the logo elements you’ve asked to be part as a concept composition of the scenario. At the left, you can find the red wall with white stripes and the Near logo as a tag at the right.

The second one, is more of a design collage illustration piece, that could fits nicelly as a cover for a music album.

Heres some final pieces with two different variants

You can reach me at telegram or instagram.

Thank you !


This is very extraordinary, my head band reminds me of the way the Minang people of Sumatra wear it, also this necklace reminds the people of Sulawesi and Papua, the svara logo as earrings, this is very innovative, love and appreciation for you :beer:

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Thank you friend. Happy to hear that you like it. It was really nice to make this bounty


These are dope artworks. No doubts!!! Very colourful.


Here’s my entry with character sheet and all the descriptions LFG Svara Dao!:heart_eyes: I’m Louietism a member of Filipino artist guild all the way from the Philippines.:hugs::sparkles:

I would like to share my entry here my near wallet id is

Thank you very much