[Closed] Community Proposal for Uganda community


Country : Uganda
Social media:
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Twitter : https://twitter.com/NearUganda?s=20
Near Social: nearuganda.near


    NEAR SOCIAL: demantle.near,

NEAR SOCIAL: shidi.near,

NEAR SOCIAL; elianm.near

Funding cohort; May,June and July


This is a proposal by Uganda Near Community Growth Proposal Campaign in Uganda to introduce Near Protocol to Uganda through community engagement to enhance growth, adoption and expansion within the country.

With our identified target communities, which include Universities, Innovation Hubs and Incubation hubs, National Information and Technology Authority (NITA), mainstream media, Private Sector Forum of Uganda and the general community at large. We shall hold blended events which are technical and non technical (both physical and online). with members of an active engagement in Telegram, twitter and medium channels which are already in existence .

Our objectives are specified as short and long run. We shall cover the specified targeted communities in a period of two months by mobilizing in-person events and online events of each group on a monthly basis as well constant media engagements as broken down below.


According to Chainalysis, a blockchain forensics firm, Africa’s cryptocurrency market grew by over 1200% between 2020 and 2021. They added that four African countries – Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Tanzania – all rank in the top 20 for global crypto adoption. Six African countries among 20 countries in Crypto adoption index.75% Africans are younger than 35 years of age making Africa the youngest continent.

44% of the entire African continent population has access to 4G internet while 77% of urban population has access to 4G.

Africa and Blockchain are compatible, if there is a radical change that should happen to Africa then it has to be with Blockchain a borderless, secure, transparent, fast and permissionless that would help everyone. Aspects ranging from economy, health, data, politics among others are top notch aspects that need to be addressed by many African countries if not all, the question has always been how? With what? Near Blockchain offers the answers to these questions which is so evident with a few problems that have been addressed with a few years of integration of blockchain in Africa, the best example is Near academy, the money sector has greatly been influenced with blockchain offering, fast, secure, low fees transactions across Africa and the entire Globe, thus greatly impacting the economy despite the fact that some states are reluctant to incorporate blockchain for fear of losing control, which is why Blockchain is the best option to address many of problems faced with Africa. The underlying factor is, how can the Blockchain/crypto help address these problems, it is known to everyone that the blockchain tech is so diverse and so specific places with specific problems at hand would choose a specific blockchain use case that would address the problem which calls for identifying the problem that needs to be solved.

These crypto transactions tend to be higher usually on different other blockchains and in traditional transactions ,Near protocol serves as the best alternative to this challenge.


The key objective of this engagement is to generate buzz around the Near Protocol ecosystem and get students familiar with the ecosystem so that they feel confident and excited about pursuing more advanced Near projects and learning pathways. Student communities have been largely untapped by web3 communities, but they hold the key to spreading the word about Near amongst their peers and longer term becoming potential recruits as Near protocol users, developers and advocates, consumers of the already established services and products.

Establishing a strong community in this demographic will give Near Protocol a clear first-mover advantage that will pay forward huge rewards in a short period of time. More to this is to onboard about 300 students in the Near community.


Attract emerging Web3 talent locally by focusing on local Blockchain events and to foster peer to peer engagements induce the “WAGMI”. Establishing a strong community in this demographic will give Near Protocol a clear first-mover advantage that will pay forward huge rewards in a short period of time. More to this is to onboard about 300 students in the Near community at least every Quarter

Social credibility is an important purpose for our Near community.

Solely the Community to promote and create translucent and decentralized bodies for digital currency and technology.

University education and outreach to onboard new enthusiasts to the Near community.

To support individuals and projects that are interested in building on NEAR Protocol with a given varsity majority with aim and need to transition and build on blockchain. New beginners also desire to join and build on Blockchain. These will be provided with avenues and Near learning material and redirected to the academy for more so as to get involved in the space.

Help onboard new developers and guide them through the Near ecosystem.

Create a Web3 Happy Hours to help onboard successful Web2 projects that would like to make the transition to Web3.

Help onboard projects through developer support from Near Protocol

Build our community locally and on the ground together with online existence

Translation of ecosystem news into local languages.

Hosting Twitter spaces and local AMAs. Educating the community on projects in the ecosystem and programs

Building Market Awareness and Brand Positioning through external events and Agency

Target Audience.

Ugandan community made of end-users

Web3 enthusiasts and crypto enthusiasts,

Web3 developers and crypto natives,

Artists and NFT creators,

Newbies and Experienced Web3 users

TradiFi people and many more.

Expected Number of Attendees at each Event.

50 ……80 people

Targeted Venue.

Mbarara University of Science and Technology

Motiv Innovation Hub

Gulu university

Transparency & Progress

We commit to posting monthly updates on our progress. We plan to measure success by developing a set of reports that we will share monthly tracking the progress and will be shared on listed channels below.

The Near forum

Twitter; https://twitter.com/NearUganda?s=20

Telegram; Telegram: Join Group Chat

Avail periodic reports on activities that have been met in the course of service

Create a Near meetup account and eventbrite posting of the ongoing events within the communities



We shall hold at least two events per month starting in May. Our initial target are universities and colleges particularly Information technology students, economics students, science students and professors.

The major purpose of our meetups shall be introducing the local academia to Blockchain technology, peculiar to Near Protocol with keen emphasis on community building and developer workshops.Roadmap partnerships and the Ecosystem, perhaps more about how we plan to push forward adoption of Near Protocol. We shall also mobilize developers to the Academy to learn building and developing on Near Protocol.

Prior Experience;

Our team has prior experience in holding blockchain related events given their involvement in the same field. Here is my link to my recent events.


We shall focus on online presence and growth, social media management and content mainly twitter telegram and a website in our next quarter.This will be done by conducting giveaways, promotions etc. focus on online participation with other communities representing Near

Translation of content to various local languages such as luganda and Rukiiga since some of the locals don’t understand english.


Our goal is to drive and create opportunities for web3 adoption across Uganda through different lined up strategies, including dev workshop, community events and builders growth support on Near protocol blockchain for the most passionate developers, founders and creators to Grow the adoption of web 3 technology in Uganda.

Mainstream media

We shall invite technology and science journalists from major Local newspapers channels such as Next Media and radios to hold talks and AMAs, to cover some of our meetups. We shall also give interviews to these reporters. Registration of members’ contacts, telephone and emails.

We are looking to focus on online presence with local online media such as Mak-eye and Twitter.

Social media

We shall publish articles for personal blogs and social media putting our main emphasis on twitter, Telegram and medium in the following matrices.

Medium; Writing and posting a quarterly medium article for the community

Telegram; Gross increment of community members on telegram, on every meetups held there will be a number of subscribers to our channel.

Twitter: infographics & motion graphics periodically with a 600 follow target at the end of the quarter.

All the above posts shall be directed to bringing Near protocol awareness to the Ugandan communities and recruit developers. They will also direct users to join the Near community by providing links to Near protocol handles and our community social media channels.


We shall aim at partnerships with Web3 Club Africa.

This is a team of web3 enthusiast developers advocating for transition of fellow web2 devs to web3 providing them with necessary learning materials, guidance,mentorship and educating them. This is already led by our team member and web3 developer Mwesigwa Elian

Partner with the already and running Aurora Uganda community.

Near Protocol and Aurora aim for similar goals towards community growth, we shall aim at bringing communities closer through telegram and other viable local channel engagements.

This partnership will also enable educating and advocating to more community members and hence onboard them.


Our team is composed of members with great online presence and have been sharing and engaging in blockchain related conversations. These are some of their twitter URLS;


A curious Web3 specialist enthusiast. Co-Founder Web3 Club Africa (WECA) http://web3clubafrica.org.

With a degree in Commerce, background in Marketing, event organizer online and offline and especially amongst universities in the region, community outreach education, translation, stickers blockchain consultant and researcher.
Ethereum Devcon scholar 2022.
I speak multiple languages ranging from English, Kiswahili, Kinyarwanda, Luganda and Rukiiga
With a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce majoring in Marketing, Community builder and community management, speaker, Blockchain enthusiast and event organizer.
6 years in the blockchain industry.
Twitter; https://twitter.com/Gemini9220
Near Social; shidi.near

Niwamanya Martin.

Am Currently serving as Aurora Africa community lead for Uganda and hold vast experience in blockchain education, community moderation and with more than three years in blockchain.
Linkedin; https://www.linkedin.com/in/niwamanya-martin-44a6271b2
Twitter; https://twitter.com/NiwamanyaMarti6?t=hc7CQc-49nRtWbm56Po3EQ&s=09
Near social; demantle.near

Mwesiga Elian
Mwesiga Elian from Uganda is a talented and innovative software developer with a passion for Web3 technologies. Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering and has extensive experience in building decentralized applications using Ethereum and other blockchain platforms.

Mwesiga is the co-founder of Web3 Africa, an organization that promotes Web3 technologies and their adoption across the African continent. He is also a regular speaker at industry events, sharing his insights on the potential of Web3 technologies to transform various industries.

In addition to his technical skills, Mwesiga is a skilled communicator and team player. He has a talent for breaking down complex technical concepts into understandable terms and is always eager to collaborate with others to achieve common goals.

Committed to advancing the Web3 ecosystem and is always exploring new technologies and use cases. He is excited to be a part of the growing community of Web3 enthusiasts and is looking forward to helping shape the future of the decentralized web.
You can connect with Mwesiga on
Twitter; (@mwesigaelian2)
Telegram; (@anonymouscod)
Near social; elianm.near


This campaign will cover entirely two months in a number of 2 milestones
Milestone one will cover the regional universities and innovation hubs, this will run from May 2023 being the first quarter of operation.
Mbarara University of Science and Technology
Motiv Innovation Hub
Mountains of the Moon University

Milestone Two;

We will focus on the East and central regions, running from July to August 2023. This being the second milestone of the event campaign.
Innovation Village Ntinda Kampala
Uganda Pentecostal university
Gulu university

For the time period to over four Universities and three developer innovation hubs/centers.

These workshops and Events will run from May to August, these events will cover the whole 3 regions of Uganda namely; Western Uganda, Central region and Eastern respectively.

The program is as follows together with the expected number of attendants.

1.Targeted Universities,Venues and number of audiences.

We shall schedule our Near Community launch in Uganda in May, it will be comprised of 50 to 80 attendees on the event proposed to take place at Motiv Bugolobi Innovation hub This will be a first general community Centric Launching event. Community and developer Centered event.
Then for the month of May; which will be the beginning of the milestones.
We shall focus on the Northern Uganda Region Universities, Northern Uganda is a home quit a number of Iconic institutions and Universities, these are namely

Curriculum and topics of discussion.
Workshop Community Centered. We shall hold our first event in May targeting University students’ developers, tutors, newbies and researchers. We shall draft invitation letters to university Blockchain clubs around the country. We also intend to invite Google Students Developer Clubs as well as some particular inline research organizations including Crowd Doing, Crypto Impact Potential on Africa and Europe. We shall introduce Blockchain and Near in particular and how it can be deployed in the different fields that are related to mentioned groups.

Quarterly budget.

For one month.

We shall hold two meetup events in the first month of the Quarter[May]. The first event will be held with a new community of Mbarara University students targeting the audience of 60 members and the second meetup at Motive Bugolobi with a target of 45 developer community members. We shall also aim at targeting a number of 35 Near social users by the end of May which will be the first month of Execution.
Fortnight AMA and Kahoot quiz.
Social media growth by 15%
We shall deliver a monthly article in English particularly on medium.
Meetup: We shall organize our first meetup event in Mbarara city introducing and educating mass about Near protocol.
We shall aim to target for over 60 members
AMA and kahoot quiz
Register and note attendants emails.
Metrics: 3 weeks
one off expenses;
1.Pullup banner=80$
2.1000 Near branded stickers=100$
Budget; 1800$

2nd month
Early community meetup targeting a number of 60 to 70 members at Mountain of the moon University in western Uganda and a 2nd meetup with developers at Innovation village kakoba with a target audience of 40 members. We shall aim at onboarding more than 25 Near social users by the end of June.
Social media posting, promotion and distribution on Twitter and medium.
Content creation and graphics
AMA with Aurora community and Kahoot quiz.
KPIs: twitter and telegram Following
Metrics: increase 350 twitter community members and telegram to over 400.
Register and share attendees emails
Increase following by 20%
Budget: 1650$

3rd month.

Hold 2 meetups in the northern and central regions with developers of Lira.
We target to reach out to over 130 community members in both events. We also aim at achieving and onboarding around 30 Near social Users.
AMA and kahoot quiz every fortnight.
Boost and increase social media following by 20%
KPIs: followers and mails
Metrics: increase twitter following to over 600 by the end of quarter. Achieve a vibrant telegram community of over 500 community members.

Budget: 1700$
Total amount=5150$
Near wallet ID; nearuganda.near
AstroDao; nearuganda.sputnik-dao.near
Telegram; @Shidi256


Hello, thanks for submitting your proposal.
A few things about your proposal i would like to highlight.

  1. There is no AstroDAO account for your community.
  2. You did not mention how many people will be onboarded to near.social and IamHuman.
  3. For developer events, emphasis is to work on the BOS. Will you focus on this?
  4. You have to indicate the use of near tip bot and AstroDAO for distribution of community rewards.

Finally, be sure to be present in the weekly call tomorrow as we host a workshop on using a few of the peoducts.

Thanks, thanks


Thank you for your proposal, please could you follow this guidelines and update your proposal. Regional community guidelines


Well,thank you mate for putting up the need for clarity on the highlights. With the inquiry about the AstroDao account for the community it has been added.
In regards to the mentions about community member onboard of near.Social subscribers and IamHuman, i clarified that too.
Going foward with developer community events, aim at empowering and showcasing reasons of building/developing on blockchain and more of building with Near Protocol in particular.
In regards to the near tip bot and AstroDao for distribution of Quiz community rewards, this is been put in mind and looking forward to learn and understand the usability.
Hoping the weekly call links to the call to be shared in the NDC telegram channel, a sure to join in learn and understand more about the Near products.
Please dont hesitate to communicate,comment and advise where’s need for clarity.
Thank you for your input towards community growth and support

Hello, I wanted to express my appreciation for your efforts in creating a new community in the Near Protocol ecosystem.

I understand that your community is still new, and according to the Processes for Regional Communities document, the regional DAO requires communities to deliver on their goals for at least three months before they can receive funding.

I would like to suggest that for your future proposal, it might be helpful to consider updating your project deliverables to match the style of successful communities like Near Germany. This may help to provide a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of your community’s goals and objectives.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the Near Protocol community.


Community building is the best way to penetrate African blockchain space and bringing closer people of same ideas together. Hands up @Shidi256 upon this

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This is your first time posting on NEAR forum. How do we verify your knowledge and understanding of NEAR?

Also your telegram group is empty. No texts at all


Hello @IgbozeIsrael , I can’t tell the reason for why you have a none active/engaging telegram group. With a given few community members in the channel there has however been passed engagement since 2022 till upto date and I affirm that the entire team has all the neccessary Near knowledge to encounter the activities as mentioned. Here’s a screenshot.
Thank you for this concern

Could your team and his team join forces to build a stronger community?

Thanks, thanks

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Hi guys, I will contact you @Shidi and @Demantle4605 regardinging merging. Gladly, I can see you guys are already members in the Blockchain Club of Uganda Telegram group I am going to give you admin roles and @Demantle4605 being active with Aurora Africa community follows the Twitter I believe you will be a significant addendum to revamping the Blockchain Club of uganda Guild. Meet you soon!


Not bad idea about teaming up,we shall engage and give you updates about the progress on it

Thanks for the proposal. As this falls under regional communities, and we are trying to collaborate with the Regional DAO council for these kinds of proposals at the moment, I will wait to hear more feedback/thoughts from @IgbozeIsrael @bakaka @dacha before responding further. Thanks!

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Hello @IgbozeIsrael, @Bakaka and the rest of @rc-admins please be kindly noted that we have moved with this proposal after harmonization. Looking forward for your consideration of our guild/community.

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You mean your community still stands?

If this is the case, you will need to realign in your goals so it doesn’t clash with that of the existing BCU.


@IgbozeIsrael .Thats not the case,after discussing on way forward how we can excute plans and activities mentioned in proposal, we decided to move forward as one team and considering our first proposal as abandoned. Hope am clear now

Your team should come up with another proposal then.

It’s more transparent and easy for the entire community to understand.

Hi @Mucu256 thank you for your consensus with the other community, we are always advising community with similar or same goals in the same region to merge to form a strong alliance.

we are looking forward to your next proposal and I think we are going to close from here @IgbozeIsrael @kiskesis


Hello! Unfortunately, we can’t support your proposal because RC working group decision.


Well, thank you everyone. With the consensus undergone by the 2 communities for the common cause of regional community growth this would serve better teaming up. As soon as we have a new proposal and council put in place for Uganda community we shall share it here for RFC and consideration in the next cohort of funding