[APPROVED]NEAR Uganda Community$1700 for Community Activities and Campus tour

We are NEAR Uganda Community, an ambitious initiative set to transform Uganda through the power and potential of blockchain technology. At the heart of our endeavor lies a commitment to fostering an inclusive, educated, and innovative ecosystem where technology and everyday life seamlessly converge.

Vision and Mission:

Our vision is to create a future where every Ugandan has access to decentralized applications that offer security, accessibility, and immense benefits, thereby promoting financial inclusivity, educational opportunities, and digital empowerment.

Our mission is multifaceted – we are here to educate the masses about blockchain and the NEAR Protocol, innovate solutions that tackle local challenges, and build a supportive network of tech enthusiasts, developers, and entrepreneurs. Together, we aim to catalyze digital transformation and socio-economic development across Uganda.

Community’s Social Handles:



Social.Near Page

Team Members:

Edmond Ebong -
A social media specialist, Edmond brings extensive expertise in community management, sales, marketing, content creation, and moderation. His role will be pivotal in building a vibrant online presence and engaging with the community to spread blockchain knowledge.

NEAR Wallet: edmond22.near

Ronald Brian Ogwal -
As a data consultant and digital marketing professional with a specialization in crypto and blockchain technologies, Ronald will lead our efforts in educating and training community members, leveraging his expertise as a public speaker and trainer.

NEAR Wallet: ronaldbrian.near

Proposed Kickoff Event for NEAR Uganda Community Initiative:

We propose to officially launch the NEAR Uganda Community initiative with an inaugural In Real Life (IRL) event on june 18th.

This event will serve as the cornerstone for our strategy to integrate blockchain technology into the fabric of Ugandan society, fostering a collaborative and empowered ecosystem.

Importance of the Kickoff Event:

  1. To Announce Our Presence: It marks our formal introduction to the Ugandan blockchain and technology communities.

  2. To Begin Our Journey: It represents the initial step in our mission to educate, innovate, and collaborate, harnessing the NEAR Protocol for the benefit of all Ugandans.

Key Components of NEAR Uganda Community:

  • Promotion and Marketing: Utilizing various channels, including social media, and collaborating with Ugandan influencers within the crypto/blockchain communities to amplify our outreach efforts.

  • Hosting In Real Life (IRL) Events: For product showcase, onboarding, and expansion, these gatherings will serve as platforms for engagement and community-building.

  • Expanding Regional Communities: Aiming to expand our community to other regions within Uganda to tap into local talents and address region-specific challenges.

  • Fostering Collaborative Training: Providing resources, mentorship, and platforms needed for local developers to contribute effectively to the ecosystem along with the Africa Dao Core team.

Community’s KPIs and OKRs:

Here’s a break down on a monthly Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for our Community;-

1. Workshops/IRL Events:

  • Objective: Enhance practical knowledge and application of Near Protocol/blockchain technology.

  • Set a target of 100+ new wallets signed up during the event.

  • Creation of NEAR wallets with keypom.xyz for bounty participation and projecting 300+ transaction.

  • Monthly Target: Conduct two IRL Event per month.

2. Content Creation:

  • Objective: Educate and engage the community through diverse mediums.

  • Monthly Target: Produce and publish 5 articles and 2 videos each month on Near protocol and it’s DApps.

3. AMA Sessions:

  • Objective: Foster direct communication and learning from industry experts.

  • Monthly Target: Host 2 AMA sessions per month.

4. Community Onboarding:

  • Objective: Rapidly expand the blockchain community within Uganda.

  • Conduct on-site wallet creation tutorials to facilitate the process.

  • Monthly Target: Onboard 100 new members each month, focusing on diverse recruitment strategies to ensure broad community inclusion.

  • Onboarding of creative developers/enthusiasts focused on creating useful dApps.

5. dApps Exposure:

  • Objective: Demonstrate the practical use and innovation potential of decentralized applications on near protocol.

  • Monthly Target: Introduce 3 new dApps to the community each month/creation of improved creative experience on BOS and other NEAR dApps

6. Social Media Engagement:

  • Objective: Increase community interaction and visibility on social media platforms.

  • Monthly Target: Achieve a significant and measurable increase in engagement rate, with specific percentage targets to be set based on baseline metrics.

7. Community Feedback:

  • Objective: Assess and enhance the satisfaction and educational impact of community activities.

  • Monthly Target: Collect and review feedback after each event, aiming for an overall positive feedback rate of 95%.

  • OKRs:

    • Objective 1: Expand NEAR’s regional presence and community engagement by enhancing outreach efforts over the next quarter.

    • Objective 2: Conduct at least one event every month to foster community cohesion, education, and participation in the NEAR ecosystem.

Monthly Proposed Budget for NEAR Uganda Community

1. Social Media and Marketing (Including Webinars/AMA):

  • Budget Allocation: $200

  • This allocation will support social media activities like AMA hosting necessary for engaging online audiences effectively.

2. Community Engagement and In Real Life (IRL) Events:

  • Budget Allocation: $1,700

  • Funds are designated for organizing one community meetup, interactive session, and educational workshop. This includes expenses for venue rentals, speaker fees, materials, and team facilitation fees, focusing on maximizing face-to-face community interactions.

    ~ Agenda:

    • One-day workshop covering NEAR Protocol, blockchain fundamentals, and hands-on sessions.

    • Special focus on encouraging blockchain development and involvement in the NEAR community.

    ~ Logistics:

    • Event venue, accommodation and Transportation covering the NEAR uganda Team/speakers facilitating the workshop.

    ~ Event Enhancements:

    • Merchandise Sharing: Distribute NEAR-branded merchandise to participants.

    • Rewards: Dedicate a budget for rewarding outstanding participants to incentivize active involvement.

    ~ Refreshments:

    • Budget for providing food and beverages during the event.

3. Operations and Development:

  • Budget Allocation: $600

  • This combined category supports both the overhead operations/development of new community initiatives and tools like NEAR Protocol/blockchain tutorials/videos and team incentives.

~ Marketing:

  • Develop a comprehensive marketing plan to promote the event across various channels.
  • Utilize social media, posters, and campus announcements to maximize reach.

Total Monthly Budget: $2500

Community Wallet:

  • nearugandacommunity.near

Note: These monthly KPIs will help us monitor the project’s progress more closely and allow for adjustments as needed to achieve our engagement and educational goals within the blockchain community in Uganda.

Thanks for your proposal.
Could you give clarity to the IRL event, please? Also, I advice you to adopt the proposal format of the DAO for better itemization.

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Thank you, in have added more clarity on the IRL event

Hello Uganda Community, welcome onboard.

It is important to note there is an amount threshold for activities. Kindly refer to the Governance Charter.

Appreciate your feedback, however this is our monthly budget and it’s to cover two IRL events with it’s activities there in(this can be adjusted or reduced if the core team finds deem fit).

I have just added key components to back the community budget.

Thank you!!:white_check_mark:

Happy to support your proposal and 1 event, because it’s a newly onboarded community, this event help you to get some visibility and traction

Note: Funding is not a guarantee as a result of what happened in our May proposal, we believe that your community are continues adding value to the ecosystem with or without funding.

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Thank you, me and my team we understand. We are excited about the potential this initiative holds for our community and the NEAR ecosystem. We look forward to a successful kick-off and the great developments that will follow.