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Burlesque Dao

AIMS: To make Humor writing in serving up the right dose of feel-good vibes to put a smile on the faces of the readers just as known it’s a community of comedians.

It’s just starting and will be happening every month in different dimensions to encourage the comedians and make burlesque Dao a lively community.

Here is this month edition for the best comedy writer


  1. Write a funny comedy not more than 20 lines.

  2. To participate, you must be a member in the telegram group and must be a follower of Burlesque dao on social media.

  3. Post on Twitter/Instagram networks

tagging Burlesque Dao.

  1. Use the hashtag #BurlesqueDao

  2. Post the comedy write up until August 24, 2022.

PRIZE: The best 7 comedy writers chosen by the curator will receive 30 USD in Near.

NOTE: when dropping your entry for the bounty don’t forget to put your wallet ID.

BUDGET: 210USD in Near.


I cant wait to join your bounty, and laugh


Good initiative ,keep the good work up


Good vibes bro…keep it up

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You are welcome bro @Oladokun03


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I meat a stammering guy on my way , as I was coming opposite him . And he wants to tell me to look very well not to March a sheet.
As he was saying …see…see…see…see…
I said see what? I ask him and there he say you done March am…lol and behold for real I have March the sheet already…

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Running my entry now

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Hello fam! Here is my entry i hope you like my joke​:blush:
Dream salary

Friend 1: my dream is to earn $1,000 monthly like my daddy

Friend 2: wow! That’s how much your daddy earns?

Friend 1: no! That’s also his dream!

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My entry. Hope everyone like it.

One day, when I was in a public restroom, suddenly I heard someone’s voice:
“Friend, do you have paper?”
I looked in my pocket and said:
“Sorry, I don’t have one”
After a few seconds, the person asked again:
“Friend, do you have any newspapers?”
I said: “I’m really sorry, I just came here to pee.”
A few seconds later, a 10 yuan banknote was brought out of the toilet.
“Friend, can I change the 10 yuan bill to 10 of 1 yuan?”
I replied “sure” and took out 10 coins equivalent to 10 yuan and gave it to the person. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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-Hey, do you know how many bones you have?
-But I have 208 of them!
-you are lie
-I just swallowed a fish bone!

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Rose is married. But she has a crush on a handsome young dentist. She often told the reason for pulling her teeth to see him. One day, the dentist sadly said:

-I think we should stop, your husband may already be suspicious.
Rose was surprised.

-There’s no such thing, we’ve been dating for a month and my husband hasn’t said anything.

The dentist shook his head.

-But you only have one tooth left, what reason will you use to come to see me next time?

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Snake 1: We’re poisonous snakes, aren’t we?
Snake 2: Yes, very poisonous.
Snake 1: Are we really poisonous snakes?
Snake 2: Indeed, We are the most venomous snake in the world.
Ah, but why are you asking repeatly about it?
Snake 1: I just bit my tongue, man.

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Here is my entry for the comedy writing #BurlesqueDao #burlesque
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Me as Aweso.
My mum as iya Aweso, we are 7 in the family.
Aweso is the 3rd born and he his a very jovial boy.
There goes Adunni and Oba coming in for an holiday with Aweso family.
Oba and Adunni with Aweso are friends.
There was this happy day Aweso was feeling the mood of cooking.
Scene that has never happened before in the house.
So everyone agreed for him to cook after a long time jokes towards cooking​:grin:
I made a fine delicacy for everyone, and the aroma filled the house that people are already salivating for the food.
On the dinning table, mummy served the food, and daddy prayed on it.
And daddy and my two friends are already eating while mummy went to take her phone inside her room.
Before she comes, dad and my 2 friends already finished the food.
Mummy asked why they were so fast.
Hear what the response sounds like, it’s delicious​:drooling_face:
Meanwhile they rushed the food because it was salty.
And i already told them, at the absence of mummy to echoe together that.
If mummy tastes the food and ask why it’s salty. We should all echoe it together because the Bible says we are the salt of the world.
The moment mummy came in and tasted the food and ask why it was salty.
Then we all echoed together because the Bible says *We are the salt of the world.
And mummy fainted.

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