[Guild Report] Burlesque Dao August 2022

Dao Address : burlesque.sputnik-dao.near

• deejayankara.near
• chrisjay.near
• obiageli.near

Funds on astro Astro : $200

Moderator :

Proposal for August : Approved August Project

Completed August Project:

Two Comedy Skit Video

Best comedy-write-up

Best One Min Joke

Stand up Comedy(Physical & Metaverse Event)

Council Report :
@Mlmlo : report
@Chrisjay : Report
@Romanus : report

Metrics :
Wallet creation - 26
Total of 27 participants in our Bounty

We onboarded people in which 70% of members were onboarded through our social media which some participated in our bounty while others engaged in Burlesque Trivia Quiz


Facebook followers : [41 - 122]Facebook
Twitter followers: [317 - 355]Twitter
Instagram followers : [620 - 647]Instagram
Telegram Members : [17 - 124]telegram
Burlesque DAO YouTube : [2 - 314]Burlesque Dao - YouTube
Burlesque DAO TV : [0 - 201]Burlesque DAO TV- YouTube

We also created another channel for the purpose of educating people about web3, Event , Metaverse, Near and it ecosystem. All subscribers are Organic followers as me and my team did a physical and digital marketing on both channel. It is one of our focus on our sustainability goal.

We successfully onchained 17 members

Summary :

Burlesque Dao added Moderator @hayyhux19 & @OfficerLehLeh_01 to also support the council. @Chrisjay was removed as a council as he isn’t supportive to the vision and purpose of Burlesque Dao. Indeed the month of August was pretty good with engagement in our activities that was supposed to be created with sponsored ad but due to delay in fund we couldn’t but yet we had good engagement and also onboarded most people through social media. We also organize Burlesque Trivia quiz which is based on Near Protocol and also other related terms that will enable members to want to read and know more just to earn. Up to 30 member engage in our quiz. We were able to push on and we did our best to grow our community. We intend to do more, grow and expand our community by taking up some new project and activities in the next coming month.

Thank you @creativesdao-mods for this opportunity.

Stay Creative.