[CLOSED] CleanNFTs Guild September Exhibition & Mod Applications

We’re not done yet :wink:
The CleanNFTs Guild has a couple more announcements today!

Virtual Exhibition :framed_picture:

We are looking for submissions for our September CleanNFTs Virtual Exhibition curated by Pearl Hyacinth | pearlhyacinth.near

Earlier this year Pearl and @thebadlament created and curated our “Flora | Fauna” exhibition in Cryptovoxels for Earth Week. Check out our list of participating artists here.

This month we are having an open call for our first virtual exhibition featuring “CleanNFTs” on NEAR. We will be utilizing Mintbase and 3XR.Space to host this show.

Please submit your artwork using this form:

Please refer to is page for file types and size limitations:

Chosen submissions will be exhibited at the end of the month. If yours is not chosen, please resubmit next month as we hope to expand this type of bounty across other virtual platforms.

For this exhibition we will be facilitating the minting process via our Mintbase store so please include your sale price, royalty, and wallet address with the submission.

Deliverables: Visual Artwork, Static/Animated/Video/Written work
Please include: Name, Artwork title, Description, Sale price, Sales Royalty, Wallet Address.
Deadline: 12:00AM EST, September 26, 2021

Guild Moderators :scroll:

We are looking to hire a moderator to assist our Admins in the maintenance and growth of our Discord server. Moderators will be responsible for welcoming new members, pruning blatant Non PoS posts, helping to kick out spammers, sharing pertinent content to our community, and generally encouraging discussion in the discord. We are looking for a moderator who can assist with this around 10hrs per month.

Please submit an application using this form:

We will contact you after your submission to set up a brief interview.

Deadline: 12:00AM EST, September 26, 2021
Stipend: 15 NEAR

You can find our server here: www.discord.io/cleannfts
Learn more about us here: CleanNFTs Guild Introduction

Thanks for checking these out, looking forward to your submissions!



Do you only want un-minted pieces ?..
…or can I send you one of my Mintbase mints from my store…

Hi @zeitwarp, Thanks for your patience. I’m still awaiting clarification from 3XR to know if its possible for us to include NFTs from other Mintbase stores in our gallery.

Hello NEARians!
Thank you to those who have submitted to our bounties so far!
We are extending our bounties to give everyone a bit more time to get submissions in.
:calendar: The new deadline is: 12:00AM EST, September 26, 2021

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hey, thnx for getting back…no problem - i’ve submitted a mint from my store…but can also work up something new for it…just let me know… :+1: :+1:

Hi! Yes, we can only show work in the gallery that is minted from our store - so give a think on something you might want to mint with us. I believe we can transfer to your store after. Still sussing it all out. Thanks. :slight_smile:


thnx for the response…ok will do.
deadline tight now for new work…but i’ll have a think

Ok, so I’ve just sent you a new piece from my “The NO$TALGIA SHOW” series…

MP4 - [sound on!]

Description to follow - they are TL:DR normally…