[APPROVED] CleanNFTs Guild - September 2021 Funding Request

Creatives DAO X CleanNFTs Guild :seedling: Monthly Funding Request

Hey ya’ll, here is our first ever funding request

Project name: CleanNFTs Guild

Project members: nvrndr, thebadlament, moonhmz.near

Target Address: cleannfts.sputnikdao.near

Project Accounting: Current Balance 4 NEAR

Funding Period: September 2021

Initial requested amount: 500 NEAR

Updated Project Timeline:

We have already begun steps to update our existing discord server: https://discord.gg/c64x83a5

Including adding new channels for NEAR & Polygon NFTs + a long needed Captcha Bot. More updates coming soon. Here is a look at what we have planned for September:

Specific Projects-

Admin: 150N
Moderator Applications: 30N (With a continued influx of new members, it’s important that we identify new community members who can support and engage with those joining us)

Marketing: 30N (A dedicated twitter account @clean_nfts We’ll start with Guild announcements, Guild Bounties and Event announcements, and retweeting relevant updates from PoS platforms and projects. 4hrs a week for now.)

Outreach: 12N (Maintaining communication with Chains and Platform devs via email/calls)
Guild Upkeep: 6N (Web Hosting and Server Boosting Fees)

Buffer: 20N (Accounting for change in token price)

Bounties: 112N (Logo and graphic design for use in video, editorial & social)

Editorial: 40N (Written Medium post to summarize guild activity & Opportunity for guest
writers to be published via CleanNFT account) https://medium.com/@cleannfts

Videos: 20N (Educational content covering specific chains/platforms/concepts)

Discord Stages/Stream: 40N (Live interview with creators minting on PoS and Projects)

Virtual Gallery Exhibition: 20N (Curatorial labor and design)

CleanNFTs Platform List: 20N (Updating and further development of this resource)

Our bounties for design will go live shortly after the proposal is approved, this will kick off several of the other projects which will feature art and assets created in the bounty. Will create individual forum threads for the projects as well.

Aiming for the end of the month for Virtual Gallery Exhibition Editorial, Videos, and Stream.

Our discord has grown rather large. We’re trying to get a tally of who is active in our discord, the bounties and bot verification should help us get a sense of who is engaging with our projects month to month.

Total Membership: 2981
Active Membership: At last count somewhere around 300
Active on NEAR: 9

The CleanNFTs guild looks forward to exploring the NEAR ecosystem with these projects as well as other Proof-of-Sake chains, platforms, projects, and artists who are at the intersection of NFTs & Eco Sustainability



Hey there @nvrndr, this info looks great so far. Could you please add links where necessary so that people reading can find more information on all of these proposed plans?

What’s the twitter account handle? Is there a planned handle or timeline for launch?

This is great, link to server please :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: (maybe link directly to where you want people going first?)

Do you all already have a medium? Link?

Good to know, would be great to get more detail over the month with more specifics here. How many members total, how many active, and how many active on NEAR :ok_hand:t4:.


Thanks for the feedback @chloe! I’ve added some links and more information to the post. Should have the medium account set up tonight. Will update when that’s ready.


Looks great, thanks for the added info. Once @mecsbecs and I have had time to look over the changes, we will update the post to [APPROVED] and that is when you should submit it to the creatives DAO.

I see that you have already submitted the payout request on chain. This is fine as well, but we will not vote on the proposal until after we have had the opportunity to discuss.

The vote period is 30 days :ok_hand:t4:, so the proposal won’t expire and there’s nothing else you have to do. I’d assume we will get to this today :relaxed:. Usually though, we would ask that you wait until off chain approval ([APPROVED] on the forums) before submitting the payout proposal on chain to the DAO.


Oops, jumped the gun there! Thanks for your patience as we learn the process. Looking forward to teaching it to others :raised_hands:t4:


Yes, next time please wait for us to officially approve it before proceeding to posting on our SputnikDAO but looks like you’re all set!

Looks like you’re off to a good start and good luck with your first month, CleanNFTs! Can’t wait to see what you create and what you get up to.


Proposal has been approved and passed in the DAO: Telegram: Contact @creativesdao


Hey there @nvrndr, I just noticed that the target address for the proposal was incorrect: SputnikDAO and the funds were sent to cleannft.nnear

I also saw that the funds were sent from the cleannft.near account to the cleannfts.sputnikdao.near address so there’s nothing to change. I am just noting it here.