CleanNFTs Guild Introduction

Hello NEAR Community :wave:
And thanks for the warm welcome over in the Creative Guild Leaders Telegram

We are the CleanNFTs Guild :seedling: :ocean: :rhinoceros:
And we’re excited to make some new friends here in the NEAR ecosystem!

Guild Leader(s): nvrndr.near, thebadlament.near, moonhmz.near
Guild SputnikDAO Address: cleannfts.sputnikdao.near
Guild Location: International

CleanNFTs? :framed_picture:

“Clean NFTs” is a phrase that describes NFTs minted on Proof of Stake blockchains. As you may already know, these blockchains use consensus mechanisms which are more energy efficient than their Proof of Work counterparts. NEAR is a great example of a blockchain leading the space in this regard.

Our mission is educate and raise awareness about energy efficient blockchains and NFT platforms that are committed to lessen the impact on our environment. While at the same time highlighting NFT artists and devs who primarily use Proof-of-Stake chains.

A little bit of History :scroll:

In early 2021 a group of artists and members of the NFT community joined together to discuss the concerns around minting NFTs on Ethereum based platforms. Currently Ethereum uses a Proof of Work consensus mechanism, which is considered environmentally impactful due to the large amount of energy output generated by the block mining process. While this is expected to change with the eventual release of Ethereum 2.0, Our group exists because we want to see change happen now.

Collectively we’ve been at the forefront of this movement.

Since the beginning of this year our group has hosted panel discussions on Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces with prominent artists, NFT platform devs, and climate research experts. Our members have spoken at VRTO 2021, CryptoArtWeek Malaysia 2021, Blockchain Talk, and have been featured in NBC News, Wired, Gizmodo, Grist and Hyperallergic.

For more resources please visit

Our Community :handshake:

In the spirit of the Open Web, our existing community consists of NFT artists, developers, and researchers from several different blockchain protocols and platforms. As we continue to grow, we hope to create more opportunities to explore cross chain collaborations and discussions.

The CleanNFTs Guild welcomes artists, collectors, curators, writers, and developers interested in advancing the NFT landscape towards sustainable Proof-of-Stake solutions. Shoutout to the NEAR team and folks from other guilds already present in our discord :smiley: :raised_hands:

We’re looking for members who want to learn, educate and build together.

You should join us if… :sparkles:

  • Environmental sustainability is important to you.

  • You want to connect with developers and platforms across the Proof-of-Stake NFT ecosystem.

  • You want to help shape the industry towards sustainable solutions

What’s next from our Guild? :crystal_ball:

Discussions in the CleanNFTs discord have led to important data analysis, articles and hackathon submissions, group exhibitions, and resources like comprehensive list of NFT platforms. With your help, we can continue providing research and education to the greater NFT community.

In the near future we plan to further highlight and support artists who mint NFT’s primarily using Proof-of-Stake platforms through residencies, exhibitions, and interviews! We’ll provide mentorship to artists as they take their first steps into exploring PoS platforms. And we have a couple ambitious projects cooking up that we think you might like.

We’ll also have opportunities for members skilled in graphic and web design, moderation, data analysis, and of course meme creation!

Ready to Join Us? :sunflower:

You can join our guild by replying to this post or reaching out to us in the CleanNFTs Discord

If you’d like to connect on Telegram, please contact me @nvrndrrr

And thank you to @chloe and @mecsbecs for helping us get started~


Welcome CleanNFTs Guild to the wider NEAR Community and to the Creatives DAO family! :four_leaf_clover:

To reflect your positioning as a Creative Guild, I’ve slotted you into the Creatives category here on the Governance Forum and have also created a “clean-nfts-guild” tag for your group’s use to help organize your posts. Of which I’m sure there will be many!

Great to have you in the Creative Guild Leaders Telegram already and we hope to see you and your fellow council members at our weekly calls where Creative leaders in the community ask questions & share ideas and updates with each other and the Creatives DAO Council.

Looking forward to seeing you and your members around, and for more word on those ambitious projects we can help you with!


Looking great! Glad to have the Clear NFT crew officially joining the Creative Community @ NEAR. Looking forward to seeing how the Guild activities unfold.


Great to be here and excited for the CleanNFTs Guild on NEAR!