[Closed] C1 Foundation funding for March/April 2023

Hey @reespect

CreativesDAO won’t fund projects that are already finished, besides, as it’s already completed, have you noticed your expected outcome? Can you provide any evidence to prove it?

I see that C1 is going to collaborate with EEE and NftyTribe which is awesome news, however, could you please provide detailed timelines related to your proposals and its objectives + what wallets are going to receive requested amounts?

Also, please provide the total requested amount.

Additionally, please provide more details regarding Shiny Gloves and its impact on the artists and NEAR, thanks!

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Hi @Paul thank you for your questions.

Regarding EEE and shiny gloves club. We recognize under the new direction the limited funding over the course of they year so we want to be as impactful as possible. This is why we have facilitated partnerships with other brands with similar goals to onboard into the space.

Shiny gloves club is establishing physical classes ( DAO’s will be established for each class / collection ) and onboarding artists from the least privileged of areas. This benefits them by giving opportunities to those who would not normally have them, while at the same time educating on how blockchain can benefit their lives. A percentage of the sales go back into creating more programs which will in turn on as a natural onboarding mechanism. Each shiny gloves class will be a collection of NFTs. We will push them to market as charity pieces and donation with the help of shiny gloves clubs marketing efforts.

As for the collaboration with EEE, the goal is to reach and convert 1% of Classiqs fanbase which would be 3000 individuals. Wallets will be auto-created through EEE’s on-ramping feature in order to simplify the process. The 3000 users would involve minimum of two transactions which would the wallet generation and the purchase of the NFT. We will have the audience captured in the locked discord at that point and can direct them and educate them through EEE’s community engagement.

The wallet address will jcb.near for $1000 USD and will be used for the production of the video NFT.

If the proposal is approved, we can start planning immediately to have a running start at production. Production should take two weeks, and this will coincide with EEE’s initial push beginning March 31st.

I’d be happy to connect with any creative mods in order to give a demo of EEEs platform so they can see how it works.

Thank you


Total budget for 5 projects: 675+1000+110+1000+500 = 3285

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Hey dude, you seem to be missing something here pls calculate better or maybe schedule a call for clarification also keep in mind that the council’s budget is inclusive.

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Pls check the proposal and give detailed budget in the main proposal.

I don’t think this is even my job




I’m happy to make a snapshot here :blush: please note that we treat this proposal as the final one!

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hiii william, yes the snapshot is correct. the only thing missing is the council fee

Have you explained this in the proposal?

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yes i just added, thank you.

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Sorry, you can’t modify the total amount after the proposal is reviewed.

(Even if you can, every budget item affects the score you get. Considering this way of capital distribution, it may lowering the total point you get => causing the proposal to get rejected)

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my understanding is that the council is entitled to a 30% fee. we were very focused on the body of the project itself and that’s what caused the oversight. it will be very difficult for the 4 of us to work without pay. my ask is that you and the entire @creativesdao-council lean into the most human decision to make.

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I believe that it is the responsibility of the DAO to ensure that proposals are presented in a transparent and well-organized manner from the start. This also includes the requested amount.

It is essential to maintain fairness in the decision-making process, and changing the requested amount after the evaluation period seems to be not right at all.


In that case i believe we have to go through a community poll to decide if the proposal is going to be rejected or approved because it’s obvious that nothing will happen in the approved projects if the councils are not paid because y’all can’t conclude and it’s final. There was a proper arrangement of this proposal but Reespect wasn’t feeling strong and that caused the mistake.

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It was an oversight, and not a lack of transparency. It’s a new Council and people have been out of submitting proposals for nearly 6 months. You can see that all proposals submitted for C1 activities this round do not include council fees. Since when would a proposal not include council fees? They don’t… It was just an oversight.

Mistakes happen guys, people are dealing with things and we as a community should not penalize over simple mistakes.

That’s my opinion, and ask y’all to reconsider that portion.


Hello fam.

Pls., I’ll urge and plead that the right thing should be done by considering we(the council) in this budget. It has been reviewed,tested and approved by the community before submission.

Clearly stated. Thanks @reespect :clap: :clap:

This proposal was approved on March 16th under the CreativesDAO funding vertical for the following details:

Total amount in USD: $3285


Cc: @creativesdao-council


As discussed, I’m closing this proposal.
C1 has submitted a new one, with an updated total amount.
FYI @creativesdao-council


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Nice resolution! And good Luck.:pray::pray: