DAO introduction

A. It started as a collaboration track under DAO Records and the NxM guild. It quickly shifted gears when learning of each other’s passion for philanthropy and community. A group of artists wanting to help other artists.
C1 released its first AudioNFT entitled “Baboon” and pledged to give 30% of proceeds to help the less fortunate.
The idea was to give other creatives the same opportunity we were provided with in terms of creating art, being taught to navigate an ever changing industry, and earning revenue.
B. C1 Foundation is composed of a dedicated team and blockchain enthusiasts who believe in how the technology can change life and the society positively. This has led to creating enormous value to the community and beyond through both individual and collective effort.
Since then the C1 guild community has partnered with Shinygloves club ( https://www.shinygloves.club/ )in deploying physical classrooms in Jos,Plateau state for creative and blockchain education including creative workshops through the C1tv creative workshop. Utilizing funds generated through the sales of NFTs, C1 will give artists a home. C1 will provide opportunities for creatives and would be of help to creatives to bring their art to life, and give the unheard a voice, with the idea to monetize through the sales of NFTs. C1 will set up recording and art facilities for people who normally would not have access to them, and provide the guidance and knowledge to produce works of art and monetize through the blockchain. This will provide the creatives with the necessary tools to see their artwork through to completion. It will be a way for at risk youth and the less fortunate to express themselves in a safe creative space, while educating them on the future of the art and entertainment industry, while generating revenue sources. It will be a way to feed revenue back to C1 in order to scale up and help more people. C1 will go neighborhood to neighborhood, city to city, and beyond. The idea is to onboard already existing traditional NGOs and partner with them on web3, blockchain and NFTs education while giving back 30% to the DAO to develop other classes through the C1 creative workshops and potential partnership with the intention of catching them young and mass adoption.

Our project is addressing inclusivity of blockchain in NGO system of transparency and making it possible for donors to earn a digital assets while contributing to a social good initiative like supporting the talents and builders in the traditional NGOs with more value and tech education.

Our target audience are the non crypto savvy donors and philanthropists who believe in innovation and adversity.Why the team is best for the funds

Dedeukwu Igwe cofounded C1 with JCB. His idea was giving back 30% of proceeds to social good like he has been doing in his web2 career. He hosted the first ever NEAR creative event in Africa hosting SterryO’s album launch on Mintbase marketplace with guests like Osinachi, Hawwal, Larkim, Nima and his team in Osapa London,Lagos state Nigeria and has onboarded a lot of Africans into the ecosystem through the concept of C1TV workshop as a means to support creatives and onboard them to web3. He set up a non-profit digital studio on July, 2021 for artists, registered the start up as an NGO under the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria and hosted events like the C1/NxM Abuja tour which was transmitted to the met averse alongside John x, Sammie, Elkhush, Barr. Joy ( C1 legal ambassador ) and others, he continued to host AMAs and radio shows where he promotes musicnfts from Africa and it’s diaspora. Along the pipeline Dedeukwu connected with Khali of Shinygloves club through JCB and started a partnership with C1 Guild where they deployed 2 classrooms in Jos, Plateau state Nigeria. We are currently planning a partnership with Nftytribe project building on Binance smart chain and our collection with Music feast which will help us set an audio class in the shiny gloves partnership by creating collection and marketing to donors as the targeted market using Fiat currency.
JCB co founded C1 with Dedeukwu. The goal was using blockchain for social good. JCB presented the concept to NEAR Foundation for DAO creation approval, and then coordinated with Rebecca and Chloe to come under the umbrella of the creatives DAO. Since then, JCB has actively been involved in community calls, educating early members of the DAO, IRL events speaking through Zoom to onboarding events in Nigeria, multiple AMAs, coordinating with internal NEAR foundation writers for NEAR blockchain for good week, IRL interviews for the same campaign, built the relationship with Kahli of Shiny Gloves Club and developed the synergies there to form the strategic partnership. JCB continues to find synergies between projects and is currently planning to create a C1 collection on music feast where people can purchase the collections using Fiat currency.
Reespect has been an active contributor to c1 since the early days. Whether this be completing projects, assisting other community members with projects, helping to educate others, and act as a community mod and representative on the NEAR Governance forum.
Blessed Chidiebube was introduced into the Near community on February 8th 2022 through Dedeukwu and has been an active member of C1 Guild, she had utilized her profound social media/ digital marketing and writing skills to help grow the community. She has been the social media manager, marketer, content researcher and creator for the C1 community from mid 2022 till date and looks forward to hitting many more milestones.
Mr_Royalty created and organized the first C1 Model contest and holds a free welcomed physical “C1 Creative model CCM” with Purpledot and Barr.Joy Ozoihu.
The CTS (C1/NEAR in the Street) event was one of Sammie’s innovative works which focused on onboarding and discover of talents in the street that ordinarily don’t get attention from people in the web3 ecosystem.
Eric introduced the C1 Newsletter, which keep stock of all the Guild’s activities, including content from other Guilds and Near foundation, and publicizing it. The exposure it gives have also contributed to onboarding of new members and participants of C1 events.
Other category of events have been presented and executed by other members, which have continued to shape the success C1 prides it’self for.

What has your DAO achieved till now as a community?
Quantitative and qualitative information of our achievements includes:
1.) Partnership agreement with Shinygloves club started with deploying CC-4 and CC-5 physical classroom teaching creative art and blockchain education which has given opportunity to both students and adults to understand the blockchain technology and offering them a place of learning and the required tools to us. This is happening in Jos, Plateau state Nigeria and will expand to others as we have built relationship with the stake holders of the various communities where our classes were deployed.

2.) We registered as an NGO in corporate affairs commission of Nigeria on August 2022 and deployed a gnosis legal contract as “Chapter one global charity foundation LLC”.

3.) We curated the first ever musicNFT album launch of SterryO in Lagos which onboarded more than 60 builders from Africa into the NEAR ecosystem.

4.) We are currently building a custom marketplace ( market.c1foundation.io ) with fiat integration and mintbase tools with Harmonic guild which is almost ready to launch with a membership NFTs collection.

5.) We are recently building a partnership with nftytribe which will onboard them to the NEAR ecosystem through integrating NEAR to their NFTs marketplace ( nftytribe.io ) and our first irl exhibition scheduled to hold around May at Art Tech District, Abuja Nigeria projected to exhibit 100 NFTs and collectibles from the ecosystem.

6.) We have a website ( c1foundation.io )which will be merged with the existing url for the NFTs marketplace with a blog section and an introduction to our project in a form of newsletter.
7.) We have reached a good number of Youtube engagement and 603 subscribers through our C1tv creative workshop which onboards, educate and interview artists making NFTs of all kind curated by Dedeukwushryne in Lagos state.

8.) Since the introduction of C1 guild we have birthed African DAOs like Afrostar guild, Capital guild, Spirityut DAO, Reggae DAO, Planetlukukul, Masterminds DAO, Youngfresh creatives DAO and the list goes on.

Other achievements include but not limited to the following:

  1. The first C1 Model contest

  2. C1 Newsletter

  3. Supporting creatives on the street

  4. C1 artist showcase in our Cryptovoxels Metaverse gallery, C1/NxM tour in Abuja transmitted to the Metaverse among others.

  5. C1 university outreach in UNILAG, and blockchain club LASU camp at Eti-Osa.

  6. Number of NFTs in mintbase= C1auctionhouse total of 1619 minted/ 145 owners.

  7. Chapteroneguild total of 1529 minted/ 72 owners.Content and Social media stats (web2/web3), on-chain activity, built dapps (if applicable only)
    Instagram= 206 posts/ 427 followers/ 177 followings
    Twitter= 339 followings/ 697 followers
    Currently built a custom marketplace with Harmonic guild= https://market.c1foundation.io/ 2
    Website: https://www.c1foundation.io/
    YouTube: c1foundation dum_unu - YouTube 2 603 subscribers.
    Events done IRL= SterryO album launch, IRL class launch in Jos, Plateau state with Shinygloves club, C1 university outreach to UNILAG, C1/NxM Tour in Abuja & LASU and blockchain club LAUS camp at Eti-Osa.
    The number of proposals created: 5
    There are 4 councils including an advisor.
    The community has 12 on-chain members on AstroDao and more than 200 offchain builders with 565 members in Discord.

Number of NFTs in mintbase: C1auctionhouse total of 1619 minted/ 145 owners. Chapteroneguild total of 1529 minted/ 72 owners.
Events done in metaverse: C1 artist showcase in our Cryptovoxels Metaverse gallery, C1/NxM tour in Abuja transmitted to the Metaverse, e.t.c.

  1. C1 activities can be classified into the following categories: Charity Organization, Music, Art, Culture and Mixed media.

  2. The impact of C1 can not be understated, from helping other creatives, spreading the gospel of decentralization with much emphasis on NEAR Blockchain, onboarding participants, creating value through blockchain education to using the C1 Newsletter as a tool for dissemination of information.

  3. Roadmap: Click for our roadmap and presentation.

Road map

Progress presentation

The DAO impact

Our project is addressing inclusivity of blockchain in NGO system of transparency and making it possible for donors to earn a digital assets while contributing to a social good initiative like supporting the talents and builders in the traditional NGOs with more value and tech education.Creative class education and onboarding NGOs into NFTs and DAO system,Our target audience are the non crypto savvy donors and philanthropists who believe in innovation and adversity.
Wallet impact:

Twitter: 1000 followers.

Profile link: https://twitter.com/dum_unu?t=E9mfbVGGBb2eR-MLV0SdlQ&s=09

Profile name: @Dum_unu.

350 subscribers.
Profile link: C1_Guild 1

Project impact to NEAR:
1)We will onboard all our new web3 students and creatives into the NEAR ecosystem.

  1. Brand Awareness: we will be co-hosting the NftyTribe/C1 phygital exhibition scheduled to
    happen in Lagos state by April with 300-500 attendees (powered by NEAR). We will utilize the opportunity to put NEAR in the faces of new people through the panel discussion of C1 guild.

  2. Enhancing community spirit in the NEAR ecosystem through collaborations with other

  3. Equipping beginners with adequate NEAR, web3 and blockchain knowledge through our
    physical web3 classroom education in collaboration with shiny gloves.

5)NEAR education: providing answers to frequently asked “NEAR” and “C1” questions through our weekly Twitter space meetings.

DAOs’s milestone for proposals can be seen in the roadmap and detailed in the individual proposal.

Proposals projects:

  1. C1 Newsletter April/May payment
    Expected outcome: Bringing readers up to date by publicize activities of C1, profiling members, NFT releases, tips and announcement from other Guilds, Near info, web3 education and NFT Crypto watch.

Activities & timelines: To be published in April.

Budget: $675 in $USDT

  1. Project: C1 / Shiny Gloves Club / Everyone Eats Entertainment
    Expected Outcome: Create a video NFT for the recording artist ClassiQ. Snippets of the video will be used to market an NFT campaign as well as the complete video being minted as an NFT. The promo material will be shared on the artists social medias which has a reach of over 300,000 people. We expect to onboard users to near through the sale of the NFT via Music Feast. With C1s revenue share for the production of the video, we will work towards developing a music lab in collaboration with Shiny Gloves.

Budget: $1000 in $DAI

  1. Project: Art material for Shiny Gloves Club
    Expected outcome: To return link of minted NFTs from collection achieved with the art materials like acrylic and canvas ect they will buy for the creative classes including BTS of footages while creating and supplying materials.
    ART materials for Shiny Gloves Club proposal
    Budget: $110

4)Project: Onboard and Cohost NftyTribe’s exhibition
Outcome: Scheduled to happen on May at Art Tech District, Abuja exhibiting 100 NFTs and collectibles from C1 guild and a few from open call google form to be shared across the NEAR ecosystem, panel discussion about NEAR NFTs and C1 by Reespect and Dedeukwu.
Budget: $500 will cover the technical cost to deploy Nftytribe on NEAR. $100 covers the legal cost of officially solidifying the partnership agreement. $200 covers the badge of being a partner to the event which unlocks merch branding with our logo and so on. $200 covers welfare and transportation of the councils that will travel to represent this exhibition in Abuja.

Budget: $1000

  1. Project: Creative Marketing.
    (Proposal) C1 Guild 10 percent Marketing budget for April/May
    Budget: $500

DAO’s objective: To create opportunities for the less fortunate, partnering with traditional NGOs to tokenize their hubs and art collections by providing the tools needed to create and revenue sources through the blockchain and NFTs education.

Community’s role: Community’s role is to help other creatives and support their works, creating awareness of blockchain as well as web3 education both on and off chain.
Members play diverse role which unite to produce a common goal, making it possible for C1 to achieve it’s objectives. Please refer to members contribution stated above already.
Total request number: 3285 + 1500 for the council
= 4785
DAO on-chain address (target wallet): c1foundation.sputnik-dao.near

@reespect @Acho @Dedeukwu @JCB @Mr_Royalty


The proposal was granted approval on April 16th within the funding vertical of CreativesDAO, delineating the following details: