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Sooooo, I’ll going to try my best to share a bit of my perspective. I ask for a bit of forgiveness from the crowd, perspective is hard to get across in a message :smiley:

Take as much, or as little from this as you like.

If I might, I would like to start with a story…

A young lad walks out of school, thinking maths/sciences are stupid. He passes all his classes, but never really learns anything. Feeling as though it’s all figured out already, thinking they are painfully boring, and he thinks little of those worlds. It must be the brainiacs that find the joy in understand these things :stuck_out_tongue:

This story is a tragedy… because they’re both F–kin awesome!

Color is also, F’n awesome.

So, why?

It’s one of the few tools, that lets you play in the world of feels. The only thing that’s comparable is musical notes (C,D, Major, Minors etc).

So, how do I use color?

We play with it. Say we start arting, right here, right now! We have the intent to make ourselves feel a bit sad. So, that’s what we will be trying to capture.

What makes us sad? Does a bright sunny day, make us sad?


What about a bunch-O really bright primary colors, just exploding all over the place???

Well that makes me feel like I’m at a party, so no.

Okay then, lets go the opposite way! Dark, and muddy?

Better, but the type of sad we’re after tonight is something like dropping your fav sandwich… on the sidewalk… right as your about to take the first bite… you know it’s gone forever…

I hope you can understand why we can’t just go with dark and muddy colors here, it’s just not the right feels. Think streets you’ve been on before, that’s our background color. Let us juxtapose that, against all the vibrant colors of the mouth watering sandwich innards. We’re drawing focus towards the crime scene. Then we need to think about the lighting.

What time of the day would you crave the perfect sandwich? Like REALLY crave a good sandwich. none of this “of ever day at 6” crap. It has to be THAT day. Not the worst day ever, but just one of those days. Maybe at the end of a long day, working hard on something I don’t really enjoy doing. or worse? you chose.

What about Twilight lighting? It can be very moody?

Ya, but this is not about a beautiful sunset, it’s about the sorrow of a lost friend, who deserved a better ending. So it’s just dark out, and your just looking down at the concrete sidewalk. The only light is cast from dim street light. No real moon out tonight. So it becomes a bluey-purpleish-grey background, with the crazy red’s of the tomatoes and greens of the veg. All muted out by that weird yellow light. A sad song plays from a radio close by. RIP BLT.

We just happen to have landed on a perfect yellow/orange/blue/purple color palette. How? There was no plan for that?!?!


Don’t try to follow all the rules, just follow feelings. To really wield color, you go by feel. Put something down, ask how you feel about it, repeat.

I’ve read, listened, and generally stewed in a lot of information about color theory, for years now ><. I’ve used little of what I’ve learned. Some technical information about color has been cool. For instance, if you’ve ever seen sunlight hit a colored wall. You may have noticed how much that walls color fills the room. Or you might be curious how matte colors, vs shiney colors work (Hint it has to do with the objects surface rough/smoothness). There’s lots of fun to be had discovering all the odd things that make things look like things, but you don’t need to stress about them, they’re more like curiosities.

I hope this helps,

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The red color at the nature

Red. One of the primarie colors, along with blue and yellow. As a light, red is also a primary, with blue and green.

Theres a missunderstanding about the red color over society along the years. Red at natural biomes, mostly of the time, its a color related to problem.

It is also associated to danger, blood, luxury, desire, attraction, romance, lust, anger, hungry, as at the same time, theres some places that name it for happiness, fortune, richness and joy.

The first thing that came from the red its when I think about it, it the first sunlights that reachs the top of the trees and theres a gold red moment at the sky, for a few seconds. Its called the golden hour at someplaces. And its all about the red painting the begining of the day.

The long wavelenght, 625 a 740 nm, makes it the most perceptual lightwave from the human perspective, making it easy to be distinguish from any other color. Maybe this is the motive that society treated the red color so unacurated. Because its stimulates our vision and brain so much, that was associated to extreme things. The stop sign. Alerts. And the cardinals vests, the cars, luxury itens, food places, blood and violence. Even the green Incredible Hulk. It is all about the red color.

The red its next to orange and opposite to violet.

Most primates can see the full spectrum of colors, but its not the case for many other mammals. They can distinguish blue, yellow, but green and red are seen as a gray.
Bulls cant see the red either.

Bellow the red frequency and wavelenght its called infrared and its perceive by humans only as the form of heat.

Red is a powerful color. Brands use it and even have the rights for their red color. Theres the ferrari red, the coke red, and so on.

And theres the red into nature.

Most of the red manifestation at nature are popular associated with danger but thats not a rule. At Mata Atlantica, south america biome, the richiest ecosystem by species, the red color appears mostly as the opposite. They are used to claim atention. The red is easily been seen into the green areas. The palmito trees have a red visible root, the tangará bird have a red spot at the top of their heads, contrasting with their cyan and black body plumes. There are seeds, flowers, branches, animals, red, from scarlet to dark ones, all of them claiming for us and every other species to see them. “Eat me” or “watch my performance”, “I’m not afraid and you should not be either”, they are saying somehow. Of course this should not to be used as a guide to survival, or to eat every red thing at the forest, even touch every red plant. Dont do it. There are dangers also. Letal ones too. The armadeira spider is considered to have the most painful spider bite ever, and you can see that at the scarlet fangs under those eyesights. Beware.

The iron color came from oxydes of iron or aluminum. So you can be certain to see red colored spots when you go for a walk into the deep green tropical forest.

The constrast of the red into the green and brown enviroment appears to us as a post-impressionist dream. It pops up, and at the same time its so different from everything around, its so rare, that you can spot it from a huge distance. A tiê-sangue, a deep scarlet to red bright bird, its so different from the enviroment, that you can see that its not trying to hide from predators, at all.

The flora, or the plants, goes the same way. The reddish of the leaves are related to the anthocyanins. They are produced at larger scales when the sun light is more intense. Red leaves to the sun, dark green ones to the shade.

At the boards of the forest, the biome mix it up with a country side enviroment, full of reddish elements also. Theres a small wild fruit, know by Bitter Melon, that have extreme red seeds, thats it know by the old people to cure poison, and its healthy to eat. Theres usage of it at chinese food recipes. The mature version of the fruit is a sweet reddish full of proteins and essential amino acids.

Also theres the coral snake. Red as a ruby, deadly and mortal. But theres the yellow and orange mixed into the snake’s texture. Also theres a small bush around, with a yellow-orange beautifull fruit. Poisonous. The dark and blue colors came from the same mix that makes things red. Blueberries, jaboticabas, even small wild berries, beans, all dark healthy ones. The venomous wasps? Yellow ones. But theres the bananas, papayas, maracujas, cajus, all yellow and orange. So theres no rule, at least not that a study, for the danger of the yellow at nature. But they are all around, with frogs, plants, deadly poisonous yellow stuff.


Answer to Which color of LED light would need more energy to produce: red or green? by Robert Brown Robert Brown's answer to Which color of LED light would need more energy to produce: red or green? - Quora
tiê-sangue (Ramphocelus bresilius) | WikiAves - A Enciclopédia das Aves do Brasil

Need to review it and finish. Also I want to create a emotional video with a sountrack and work with the red tones.

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