CCM Guild Monthly Report (Chinese)-October- 2022

Due to unstable and poor market situation, there has been slow growth in the number of Chinese telegram community (from 6966 to 7219). It’s the normal phase of crypto circle

NEAR team continue to moving forward. The details as follows:

  1. Phase 1 of Nightshade is live on NEAR’s mainnet ! This is a huge leap toward infinite scalability and another step forward in our mission of decentralization.

  2. At the beginning of this month, conducted a vote event on Aurora’s most promising project.

  1. NEAR Protocol reached a new partnership with Google Cloud. In the future, Google Cloud will provide technical support for NEAR grant recipients to help developers build and scale Web3 projects and dApps. NEAR与谷歌云达成重要合作

  2. Orderly Network, a decentralized trading infrastructure developed based on NEAR, launched on the mainnet recently. Orderly Nework已于近期上线主网

  3. ​The 7th China Open Source Annual Conference (COSCon’22) grandly opened from October 29th to 30th. NEAR announced as the silver sponsor of this event, and NEAR co-founder Illia attended the event in online form, speech on “Create Without Limits”, and shared with everyone that NEAR is supporting creators to build their own projects, Efforts and achievements in bringing billions of people to Web3. NEAR成为第七届中国开源年会银牌赞助商

  4. We conducted AMA with HERE wallet in Chinese community. Their CMO Yegor K participated in the event to answer questions and share their progress and results

  1. Conducted Aurora Chinese Community Q&A Challenge

  1. The NEAR Chinese developer community invited MetaBUILD and ETH Shanghai hackathon entries Nepbot @nepbot4near and Popula @beepopula to share the technical implementation of the project and the experience of participating in the hackathon

  1. NEAR Foundation Proposed Gradual Closure of USN and $40M for USN Safeguarding Program. It was a hot topic in the community, guiding users swap USN into NEAR NEAR 基金会建议逐步关闭 USN,并拨款 4000 万美元用于 USN 保障计划

  2. Create and share daily news on Chinese telegram channel, then push to community Telegram: Contact @NEAR_ChinaNews

All in all, October was still a fruitful month. NEAR has come a long way in every aspect, although it has encountered some problems and setbacks. The team will eventually overcome difficulties and achieve greater success. Let’s see what will happen next.

Here is social media statistic of NEAR Chinese Twitter & Telegram.


  • Followers: 2462 (+189)
  • Tweets: 64 (+128.6%)
  • Tweet impressions: 14.9k (+35.4%)
  • Profile visits: 9203 (+60.5%)


  • Members:
    NEAR中文交流群:7254 (+400)
    NEAR进阶交流群:618 (-15)