[CANCELED] Spiritual DAO parcel management and rent

Proponent: The Philosopher

NEAR account for payment: thephilosopher.near

Project Timeline: April 5th – April 30th


The main objective of this project is to manage the parcel rented by Spiritual DAO. As we have many metaverse events, with changes of the arts that are being exhibited, it is important to have someone to manage the modifications at the parcel. We are offering the rent of the parcel together with its management by @thephilosopher concerning the projects made by Spiritual DAO.

Justification (Benefits):

The importance of this project is to maintain our metaverse events and have someone to manage the modifications of the arts during the different events. This is important because we build NEAR image on metaverse and also Spiritual DAO’s presence. The rent is also important, given our basis and our shows happen there.

The Project:

To rent @thephilosopher’s land for 1 month and to manage the parcel and the necessary changes for each event from Spiritual DAO, like changes of videos (different podcasts, interviews, djs etc) and changes of art (NFTs submitted to our weekly bounties and 3d objects inside the environment).


  • April 5th: Renting the land and modifying it according to the projects accepted by Spiritual DAO.
  • April 6th -29th: make weekly changes according to the different events that we are having in the parcel (spiritual interviews, spiritual podcasts, spiritual bounties for visual art)
  • April 30th: Accountability (report)

Budget :

  • $500 USD in NEAR for the philosopher for parcel rent and parcel management.

Final Products:

  • Rented parcel for 1 month and management of the parcel for Spiritual DAO events for 1 month. Other DAOs can ask to use our parcel for free, if they have the producer and if they are building artistic events with spiritual subjects.

I decided to not commit myself to manage Spiritual DAO’s events on Metaverse, so I canceled the project. Nevertheless, if Spiritual DAO needs to rent a parcel, I will make it available for them. In case they want to use the parcel and do not have tokens to pay, I will make it for free this month, in order for them to be able to fulfill their projects.