Call for "Good First" Open Source Contributors

Area Task Claim Notes
Maintainers Tackle one of the Cura OS “Good First” issues TBD$ Ⓝ Reach out before starting any work to discuss claim and details

If not interested, it would be great if you could still share with someone or a group that might

One of the tasks in curaDAO Tasks is for developers, of any level, to start contributing to curaOS/source. A few issues are labeled “Good First”, which are a good start and shouldn’t take too long as an introduction, and I’ll be adding more issues to this tag in the next days and weeks.

After that, it’s possible to start looking together into what kind of side you might want to tackle, and I’m sure there is something to work on, from front-end components development and design to smart contract improvement, testing all the way to putting creative code examples together and deploying them. The project uses React.js, Next.js, Node.js, and AssemblyScript. If you are familiar with any of this, all the better, but it’s not necessary.

Please reach out in the Telegram group to get started.

Thanks, and looking forward to work together!


This is great! I love this, @yassine!
@shashi can we get this forum post out to folks starting out with NCD or learning NEAR? Good first bugs are a great way to get developers motivated to start building, and rewards are just :cherries: on top! :slight_smile:

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Yes, I have shared it.

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This is still relevant, please reach out if you want to be paid to contribute to this projects.