[Call for Artists] NEAR Feature Episode on Goa Music Lab's Monsoon Sessions TV


Are you an artist? Community? Arts-tech project?

Goa Music Lab is looking to feature the best of NEAR on a forthcoming episode of Monsoon Sessions: Experimental music & arts TV. In its third season, Monsoon Sessions is produced across the stormy summer months in Goa; the quiet off-season on the tropical coast.

The NEAR feature episode is intended as global Discovery for intriguing NEAR projects and its platform tech solutions. One, for other NEAR & CDAO crews to become aware of one another, but also to inform the wider NEAR and web3 global communities.

Any CDAO community & artist, NEAR/BOS app or other project, is invited to participate. We request a 1-3 video introducing the project and community, while mentioning how or what being part of NEAR has helped with.

Submissions are due by the end of August 2023, and the episode will be released to a cumulative global audience around the middle of September.

Questions? Kindly ask here, or you can email [info at goamusiclab dot com], or send a message on Telegram (@planseabook)

More info on Goa Music Lab - https://instagram.com/goamusiclab
Watch the Season 3 playlist here (officially launched on Thursday): https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuw7VGb3hbxeLM3HVbgMcKsVQygjXErEO

Goa Music Lab is the driving force behind GLOA - Goa Global Arts. GLOA is a Creatives Constellation Partner of Creatives DAO.


What are the video specs…?
(aspect ratio & def)
thnx :+1:

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Video specs are quite loose, as we will try to accommodate anything sent in, even mobile camera interviews.

Aspect radio: Landscape, 2:1 or 16:9
Definition: 1080 or 4K is good, but 720 will be fine

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Ok that’s great thnx :+1:

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We are still looking to compile this. Please keep sending in your submissions.

I wonder if a 4-6 minute video on ETH Milan preparations, highlights, some of the art, etc - is an ideal example that shows CreativesDAO and its crew at its best? And hence this could be invaluable content for the episode.

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Hey, I’ll definitely be dropping something :+1:

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We hope to have this episode ready for publishing by the end of next week.

Anybody have something to submit? Any final questions? We look forward to featuring your submissions!

For those interested, here is that GLOA x NEAR episode, that premiered on September 21st 2023. It was screened at physical events / festivals, such as Robots & Animals in Kathmandu, ETHMilan, and a web3 roadshow in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.

A lot of work went into it, so if you’re happy to share it, please do :slight_smile: