C1 Guild Request For Funding

C1 Guild would like to request funding to cover some start up costs.

Prior to our mission of setting up micro art / studio facilities, and onboarding members through the micro studio onboarding system, we would like to prepare by implementing the following:

  1. Website domain, hosting and design

400 NEAR will cover the cost of domain, a year worth of hosting and design of the website. The website will be an information blog style website that highlights new and upcoming C1 projects, while linked to our social media accounts. It will tell the story of C1 and provide information on NEAR protocol. It will be in a constant state of development as we grow and add members, their art and facilities. The website will up and running by the end of July

  1. Mintbase C1 store set up

8 NEAR will cover the C1 store which will be done once funds are secured so C1 can start to rely on its own resources for generating its own income.

  1. Onboarding

250 NEAR will be used to create wallets for new members. Each new member will be given a near name and and have 5 NEAR deposited in their accounts. New C1 members will purchase the latest release by C1 for 4 NEAR in order to encourage trading and drive some of the funds back to the guild to go towards the first studio set up.

  1. Graphics

40 NEAR for a graphic designer for the month. They will create a few graphics a week for C1’s socials and websites

  1. Project management, social media and discord management, outreach and planning, implementation, and creation of NFTs to stock C1 store.

600 NEAR will be split between the two C1 managers in Canada and Nigeria. These funds will be used to cover the cost of project management, strategy, outreaching to new members and the development of community based programs, and identifying and securing studio facilitators, and the creation of new NFTs to start stocking the C1 store.

Total payout: 1298 NEAR



Thanks for submitting this funding request.

Looks like there is a lot planned for the C1 Guild.

Seems like this post would come closest to step 2 here: [Guide] How to submit a funding proposal to the Creatives DAO

That being said, it should not have been submitted to the creatives DAO yet, so I will be voting “NO” on the post. Also, if this is a funding request for the month of July, can you please add that to the title?

An example of a passed guild proposal for the month of June: [APPROVED] IncubadoraPT- DAO Budget – June 2021

One question I have is who has access to the keys for the chapteronefoundation.near account?

If > 1000 NEAR is being held in a personal account it would be great to know the plans for the account and who has access.

Second, ~ 50% of the monthly (if the proposal is for a monthly budget) budget being used for management of the guild is about 20% greater than is currently recommended.

For example, if the NxM Guild got a budget of 2k NEAR for the month if July, we would expect that @vandal would request a MAX of 600 N for the guild management. So, using that as a scale can be useful for gauging proposal request values.

Createbase and NxM both have hundreds of public members and they use a transparent DAO for funding.

These are just my first thoughts after reading the post (since it came up in Telegram: Contact @creativesdao), @mecsbecs and I will discuss further and leave comments as necessary.


Fair enough, I missed that requirement. I will rework it and address the questions you asked.



Awesome :+1:t4:. Looking forward to passing it through soon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. I know the first time going through it, there are a lot of moving pieces to conduct.

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