[Bounty] The Auction DAO | Introducing "TheAuctiʻano" Challenge

Hey AuctioNEAR,

Introducing TheAuctiʻano


ʻano - Hawaiian for ‘character.’

TheAuctio’ano is an embodiment of adventure and a love to learn. This character is a web3 designer who converts new technologies into a simple to use but exciting world of Apps, Dapps, and websites. The Aucti’ano loves all animals and nature (especially mountains!). They bring joy and peace into one’s soul. Friends and community play a special part in TheAucti’ano’s life; with their support and mutual love and care, we all can reach the biggest dreams we can imagine!

Hobbies: hanging out with friends and family, playing video games, creating art, enjoying music, reading books, collecting cool NFTs, designing stuff from logos to complex interfaces, and learning together with the best team of The Auction and Magic Powered.

Hair color: burgundy

Eye color: dark purple

Skin color: pale, not realistically pale (can be changed, I’m open to various ones)

Body type: the idea is not obvious to tell about gender. The body shouldn’t be too curvy or masculine, like anime characters when it’s not easy to define the sex of a character

TheAuctiʻano Challenge #1
Dear Artists and Bounty hunters, it is time to show your skills.
The Challenge is to create an Auctiano chan character aligning with the style guide described above. Each Artist can bring 2 Entries to this Challenge.


  1. Create the art and Mint it on Paras or Mintbase or any other Marketplaces on NEAR.
  2. List the Art in The Auction for 10 NEAR with the Tag #Auctiano.
  3. Tweet the Artwork with the Link to the Auction along with the hashtag #The Auction
  4. Finally, submit your Link here

Submit your Artwork HERE

"TheAuctiʻano" Challenge will run from 27th July to 27th August

A total of 15 Artworks from the community will be selected from the challenge or bounty, and the artworks will be purchased by The Auction DAO.

#MarmaJChan #Vanchan #Nearchan Here we come as #Auctiano Cahan

Submit your Artwork HERE

Feel free to join our socials :slight_smile:

Discord: The Auction

Twitter: https://twitter.com/the_auction_io

Telegram Chat: Telegram: Contact @theauctionchat

Telegram Announcements: Telegram: Contact @theauction

Website: https://www.the-auction.io/

Thank you


This is awesome! LFG! :fire::fire::fire:


Whay sir?

GREAT challenge, Auction fam !!
spreading among the community with pleasure


This is Looking good, I think I’ve finally found something interesting to get me back in the bounty hunting space!


This is great I’m on it :rocket::rocket::rocket::fire:


Fantastic initiative! eagerly awaiting the outcome of Auctiano! :partying_face:


LFG! We’re excited to see all the entries! :fire: :fire: :fire:


hi guys
is this challenge still on?


Yes still open… Send your entry :raised_hands::blush:

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Yes bro! This is still open! :fire:

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ok I am on it making the character now!


Hey guys!! I’m on my way creating it now
here’s my WIP


hey guys wazzup! when will be the challenge ends or when will be the announcements of the winners?

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Hi. Any specific store to mint the proposal? If yes, please add me? luluca_l.near :pray::sunglasses:

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Please mint any where on NEAR


Oh no… I completely forgot my mint :woman_facepalming:

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