[Bounty - on standby] Create Stickers for Mintbase

Hey All,

THIS BOUNTY IS ON STANDBY, not accepting new submissions atm.

We are setting up this bounty to create Stickerpacks for Mintbase. :blush:
Show us your creativity!


  • Read our guide on how to use our logo! :slight_smile:
  • DO NOT use already existing characters! Create your own and embed the Mintbase logo
  • You can personify the Mintbase logo and let it speak for itself
  • You can create whatever you want – as long as Mintbase is recognizable!


You will be able to mint the Stickers as NFT’s on Mintbase in a shared store that will be created for this Bounty.


  • 1 Sticker (Can not only be the Mintbase logo – show us your style :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:!) – 10 USD in NEAR
  • 1 Sticker Pack (15 Stickers – 250 USD in NEAR if they are moving - 150 USD if they are just images :slight_smile: )

You can create whatever you want – as long as Mintbase is recognizable!

If you want to participate, comment below and contact me (@marianeu) to ask if you can still participate. We will be receiving 30 individual Stickers and 2 Sticker packs.

A little inspiration on how that could look:


Instructions to apply:

  1. Answer to this Forum Post and tag @marianeu. She will tell you if you should go and do the work, or if the bounty is already at “full capacity”.
  2. Do the work described.
  3. Show your results in a comment at this post.
  4. When @marianeu approves it, you can submit a payout proposal in NEAR to SputnikDAO - adding the link of this Bounty to the “Forum link” space.

@vandal please take a look at this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I would love to commit my team to this project. Can we make a set of 15 moving stickers?
@marianeu We would be able to fulfil the bounty at maximum October 15th, but we will really try for October 10th.

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Ok, so I count on you to make the moving sticker pack! :slight_smile: Looking forward to see it! :slight_smile:

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Perfect. You can count on me. <3 :smiley:

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I can do the sticker pack not moving and I can also make gif if you allow😌if it’s cool with you

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I can alternate versions designs, perspectives

and expressions which would comprise 30 in number and then you can make a pick 15 out of the thirty for a sticker pack @marianeu

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Hey @Psalmy, would you do 8 and @JohnX 8 and you divide the prize 75USD each? How does that sound?

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Sounds fair enough for me

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Ok that’s fair enough…

hey @marianeu i would like to take part in mint the stickers as NFT’s for both moving and image stickers packs.
so can i able to participate in the Bounty.

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Hello @marianeu!
is this bounty still available?

if so, what is the deadline?

@Aslam015 @lucterra You could only submit individual stickers now, as @Psalmy @thephilosopher and @JohnX submitted for the sticker packs. OK? :innocent:

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ok @marianeu i would like to submit it.

Am done with all my 8 stickers just waiting for your approval :relaxed: cause I know you would love the rest

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Can you send them to me on telegram? :slight_smile: @mariamintbase

Yes o would do that just now

Hello @marianeu ! This bounty still available? I would like to participate!

can i still do it? @marianeu

@psalmy, @johnX, @thephilosopher take a look at this, please:

@Mailza , @sonnguyen you can submit up to 3 (for 30 USD total) if you want :slight_smile: <3


Hey @vandal, please take a look at this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: