[Bounty]Near Dance DAO Presents: 'Show Your Moves #2'

Hello everyone!
It’s time to get to the dance floor :dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer: as Dance DAO Presents ‘Show Your Moves Dance Competition Season 2’.
show your moves is back, bigger and better. A chance to win some Near tokens while doing what you love best and is most natural to you, dancing​:dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer:
The first season was a blast! And we are supper excited :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: to begin another season. This is better and bigger. Please don’t miss out on this one. You can visit our YouTube channel for more details on how to participate:

Don’t forget to also join our telegram group @Dance DAO


Great competition. Is it still on?

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@Dabonko you can post the link to your video on this trend.



Thanks for your entry.