[BOUNTY] #LetTheEarthBreathe Art Contest – UniqArt

UniqArt is hosting an Art Contest with the theme "Let The Earth Breathe":earth_africa:

Submit a gif, meme, photo, digital art to win from a prize pool of 5 $NEAR!

5 Winners will be selected after the compeition ends on 8th May! :trophy:

Rewards pool: 5 $NEAR

No. of Winners: 5

Deadline: 8th May, 12pm UTC

Rules: Submit your entries to – https://forms.gle/2PshdvAcEvw3Yctc6 and post your entry to Twitter with the hastag #LetTheEarthBreathe to complete registration!

Let’s do our part and spread the word to save the Earth!!:earth_africa:
DM us on Discord, Instagram, or mail us at info@uniqart.io if you face any issues, we’re active 24/7 for our community :raised_hands:t4:


Hey, Hi. I sent a submission, is everything ok? Could you confirm please? I’m L email falecomnadae@gmail.com :v::sunglasses: thank you.

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Dope. I should part take in this competition

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I have submitted…
I wish myself the best


Hi @LulucaL we have received your entry! But all participants must also mint the NFT on the UniqArt marketplace as well.
Go to https://uniqart.io and “Connect Wallet” to get started!

How to Mint/Sell NFT on UniqArt

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Hi @micheal_tobi.near

Thanks for submitting the form! We also require participants to mint their entries to UniqArt’s Marketplace.

Go to https://uniqart.io and “Connect Wallet” to get started, feel free to reach out to us regarding any issues or queries :slight_smile:

Ah ok, doing It now. Tnx :v::sunglasses:



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mnted already…

Here is link to my minted token

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What’s the update on this project,
Has the winners being selected
May 8 is passed.

Any response ?

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Yeah, would like to know too…

Dear organziers fo UniqArt contest,
i want to believe this contest is not a scam to cart away people’s idea.
The deadline of the contest was May 8, and till May 24, there is no response.
Always communucate, do not put audeince into anxiety

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Strange, isn’t it? I’m also waiting for the development of this proposal… :roll_eyes:

Hi @LulucaL @micheal_tobi.near

We have already announced the results on Twitter and the winners have already been credited with the NEAR drop! :slight_smile:

Apologies for not updating on the forum, we ran it for the first time on gov.near and will make sure better next competition!

@micheal_tobi.near UniqArt will NEVER host a scam contest to steal any creator’s ideas. We are a community of artists, musicians and creators who just push each other to do their best, very sorry for the inconvenience.

Check out the winners list here – https://twitter.com/uniqartnft/status/1526225683189420032?s=20&t=7-ijaY_HaDQG1_hKXWEwpQ


While I commend the leadership the DAO, it is also important to note that communication is also important. Contest was launched in the forum, and winner was chosen via Twitter, feedback should be dropped on the forum.

Goodluck to winners and success to every member in all project…



No mention of twitter here in the proposal. Thank you for replying. I suggest that the team check the forum daily. I follow you on Twitter but I haven’t seen anything either. That’s it, until next time.