[Bounty] Guildathon - Creation for proof of participation NFTs

Hello Hello :cowboy_hat_face:

Happy to be helpful, I love this initiative, because I am a DAO lover hahaha really, I trust on DAOs and how they could be the next step for a better society with a real democracy.

Spreading the word of the Guild-a-thon - meme: Own creation :blush:

Bounty Description:

Members and those who interact with our Community DAO will receive a proof of participation NFT, representing their contributions to the guild-a-thon. We need artwork for unique tokens, along with stickers printed + distributed at ETHDenver, February 15-20. Please only claim this bounty if you have submitted your artwork via this group on Telegram: Telegram: Contact @CommunityDAO … or in a reply to the forum post linked as a reference in this proposal. Thanks for your consideration!


From the list of participants we will email or communicate with them somehow we should be able to do so hehehe, and we will share a google form with them so each participant can choose the specific proof of participation NFT from the ones we will offer.

So the steps will be the following:

  1. Participants of the Guild-a-thon will fill out a form
  2. We will mint and send the NFT to them
  3. These NFTs could be used it in the future for Magic NEAR (Cards game on development)

Further steps

Since September last year, we have been working on this project, it is step by step because it is a really big project so there are a lot of details.

It is an NFT game with lands, characters, artifacts, and more, everything on the game is an NFT and it is played in the form of a card with specific features.

We have a list of illustrators interested on creating cards, and content creators to develop further the history of the cards and the game. We will like to see the opinion of the community and maybe we can onboard new members into the project, create a DAO with funding for the creation of new characters and so on, this could involve more Neareans :star_struck:

Core Team:

Member Responsibility NEAR Ecosystem Connection
@Jloc Influencers outreach, Execution of marketing plans, AMAs TenkBay & Guild Ops
@Mineriavirtual NFT Community Building Guild Leader
@andresdom Development Leadership Near University DiR, NEAR P2P
@Gastonromano Project Management, Onboarding, AMAs OWS Contributor, Near Venezuela
@Maiker Illustration Leadership / Artwork Leader Metapool Designs
@FritzWorm Projects & Guilds Collaborations, Funding, Ideations Project Ops, Creatives DAO, OWS, Near Hispano


Remember this is somehow more than a proof of participation, this could be a pre-whitelist for a game involving our community. Big hug to everyone :beers: