[BOUNTY - CLOSED] Font Creation for The Clan


Hello! This proposal is for the creation of a custom font for The Clan.

It will be based in those material:

plus some brainstorming too.

This bounty requires all final font submissions to contain all 26 letters of the alphabet in both upper and lowercase, as well as some special characters/symbols.

Budget Asked : 200USD


Helpful Links :
How to turn your handwriting in Fonts

Calligraphr Site

How to use Calligraphr

Heres one example made trought Calligraphr

Use a template like this

We want to share these material to the community, trought a CC 3.0 Remix license. So please if you do not agree with this, please write at your post.

Please comment with samples of your ideas for the font! We will choose one to make the whole alphabet!

Until January 22 we will accept submissions! Then we will choose someone to make it. Delivery due 31!

The Clan Councils:
@whoiscavenaghi - cavenaghi.near
@duOCELOT - duocelot.near
@brunoqual - brunoqual.near


Hello, do you have tg for your guild? :blush:


Hello! Please post here samples of your work! And some ideas for the font you might have :white_heart: We will choose between the submissions one to make the whole alphabet! Thank you very much for the interest!

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Hi @whoiscavenaghi im willing to apply for this Bounty :relaxed:

I already make font For Marmajchan Foundation Last month :relaxed:
Here is the Link

Thank you❤️


This one is the references for The Fonts?? Or design of the fonts?


Ok sure. I also made Marma J Foundation fonts recently :blush: I’ll try this one too. Do you have deadline for the sample submission?


hi!. it´s just make the font or design it?

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We want nature, animals textures … following these references!

Until January 22 we will accept submissions! Then we will choose someone to make it. Delivery due 31! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::white_heart:

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Design it! Following the references

Gonna work it. We need to make sample first?? Then you will choose who will make it?? Right?

Ill make the colored Font in the
“The Clan Guild” word first :heart:


Noted :blush: should it be with colors? I think calligraphr site can’t generate with color fonts, just black and white.


one color. we need the vector type. but if you want to apply, with some texture, colors, its okay too. but the important is the design


Yes! Looks awesome idea!

Copy that :heart: one color with nature design

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Last question i will draw The font in one color nature theme in calligraphr? Right??
Calligraphr has only black color so one color will fit in calligraphr… if its right ill start with it right now :relaxed::relaxed:

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yeah. one color. ^^

let me check calligraphr, so i can give more support

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I think this is a good template size. have it all, numbers and letters and pontuaction. but feel free to make what youd feel comfortable.


Ok ill follow what you like :heart::relaxed: working on it today tommorow is deadline right. Goodluck to me and to Eli then … :relaxed: thank you @duOCELOT


Ok thank you :blush: currently making the sample.