[BOUNTY] Arroz stickers for Telegram made by the Arroz residents / 1N - 10 to claim

Let’s make the online world a bit more colourful by creating our own sticker batch for Telegram!

We’re inviting the residents of ARROZ to create a personalised sticker and we will collect and merge them as a sticker pack so that the conversations become even more lively :slight_smile:

In order to participate please create an PNG file with 512x512px and with a transparent background and send it to tabea@arrozestudios.pt.

Feel free to also post them here in the forum so everyone can check out your art :slight_smile:

Please also add your nearname to your post


My sticker: Arroz stickers for Telegram made by the Arroz


Thank you for your submission. As mentioned in the post of the bounty, this one applies solely for the residents that are physically working in Arroz estúdios in Lisbon, Portugal, to create a stickerpack with their designs.

There will be more bounties coming up in the future though to participate :slight_smile:


Here we go! 5 stickers :smiley:


Here are my stickers!

I have created 3 stickers involving Arroz Estúdios theme using some of the NEAR logos and also own designs.

My NEAR name is rosario.near


I would like to participate on this bounty…
Before I proceed is there any draft or a little idea of what you’re expecting from the arroz sticker or do you have smt in mind? For a good sticker work