Attention all Guild Leaders- Office Hours are Here

:unicorn: First things first, for those of you who don’t already know who I am/ those that are yet to bombarded with my request for a one-on-one meeting… I’m Jess, (Guilds Programme Manager)- my priorities are in helping guilds to improve their processes, optimize their workflows, remove bottle-necks and generally scale and thrive within our ecosystem. I am here to listen to the needs of Guilds and guild leaders. – if you haven’t yet had the chance to get on a call with me to discuss your guild, - I’m here, ready and waiting - Calendly - Jessica Lloyd :star_struck:

Alright now thats covered I have an important development to announce. As we recognise the need to improve our communication (between the core team and guilds and between guilds), the time has come for our official Guilds Office Hours to launch. :rocket:

:thinking:Whats that?
Its a dedicated hour on a bi-weekly basis for Guild Leaders to join the Community team for AMAs, workshops, general announcements and other cool things you cannot be without! These sessions are going to be tailored to the needs as outlined by you guys.

The first session is kicking off this Friday (19th) at 3pm CET. - During this first session there will be a focus on how to make the most of Astro DAO in your Guild.

Guild Leaders please register ASAP using this link -

Why should I attend?
If it isn’t already obvious: this will be a chance to meet with other guilds leaders, learn more about what they’re doing, receive regular updates from us in a more personal/ communicative way. Join us to ask questions, share your hopes, dreams, nightmares and problems with the team so that we can help you solve them.

What’s occurring/what to expect:

  • 30 Mins: “How can I make the most of Astro DAO for my community?” with @starpause
  • 20 Mins: Guilds Case studies- How I use Astro DAO in my Guild :tipping_hand_woman:
  • 10 Mins: Updates from Community Team plus Q and A time
  • Overtime: If theres any more questions or you loved it that much you can feel free to schedule one-on-one calls after the session. :v: :kissing_heart:

Hello, which app i need to use for it if i dont have laptop or PC
@grace @Jessica

We still dont have guild , but we are now like NEAR GOA team, would like to create guild


Could you write me in Telegram?

I do not have the necessary level of spoken English, so it is convenient for me to communicate in text format. If it’s convenient for you.

Sure, messaging you now


Im very excited about office hours, all of us in the community team support @Jessica to carry out this initiative. Thanks @Jessica for making it happen! Hope to see everyone there!! :rocket:


Great initiative! Looking forward to the first session!


The meeting was great! I took several questions! @Jessica, you were very direct and organized in your speech, congratulations.

I filled out the form and created my Guild, (Atelier Studio).
Now, how should I proceed?
Also, I have already created my DAO (fraDAO) and added a council, her name is Flora @hiimf.near.
Thanks for the support.
Have a great day!

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Thanks for your contribution Magnus!

Hey Frado, thanks so much for your input! I think I may have sent you an invite for a meeting with me over email to discuss this, if not heres the link-Calendly - Jessica Lloyd

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This is an awesome idea. Looking forward to the first meeting


This is a great initiative! I’m sorry I missed it :frowning: When is the next one? I’m a member of the Onboarding DAO. We onboard and direct people to the Guilds, DAOs and communities that fit their interests, passions and skills. We also do outreach and engagement for people who are new or intersted in blockchain technology and culture. I’m interested and am actively looking to connect with ALL the Guilds, DAOs and communities, wereever they may be. That said, I’d love to chat with you @Jessica, both at a future Office Hours as well as via Telegram. Your knowledge and perspective will be greatly beneficial to the work we are doing.