[APPROVED] ZINE - Um poema para cada sereia

Project Name: Um Poema Para Cada Sereia (A poem for every mermaid)
Members: Duda Las Casas // dudanaotemduvida.near and Erika Machado // erikamachado.near

Period: August and September 2022
The project: Make 3 zines of poetry and illustrations;

About the artist: Duda Las casas is a visual artist and poet. She was born in Rio de Janeiro and lives in Lisbon, where she studies Portuguese language at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, where she has already done a post-graduation course on “Arts of Writing”. She is the author of the poetry book Viseira, published by 7letras and the independent publication Cheia de Fome; and participates in the collection Volta para Tua terra of immigrant poets in Portugal, published by Urutau.

The proposal: To make 3 zines with a selection of unpublished poems by 3 Portuguese language poets. The purpose of the zine one poem for each mermaid is to publish the content without any editorial or market concern. The idea of mermaids, because they inspire several poets and thinkers, with this idea of half woman and half fish, regardless of the country. But in this case they would be mermaids that express themselves in the Portuguese language. The most extensive references to mermaids are in the Odyssey, the Argonáutica, then Kafka, and today the mermaids still represent fantasy, the erotic, and the various possibilities that surround the theme in contemporary culture.

The idea is to make an independent publication as a means of divulging artistic, literary, musical, underground works, linked to social movements, arts, music, and cinema. It is not a book, it is not a magazine, it is not cordel literature, and it can be all of these at the same time.

The zines one poem for each mermaid will be used to disseminate poetry, illustrations, short stories, to address issues such as feminism, immigration, and erotic and underground poetry.

They are distributed in several cultural venues in the city and will be registered on a website and on CRIATURA&BERI’s Mintbase for those who want to access online.

Funds needed: 800 USD
$300 text production and curation - Duda
$150 Laser and Color printing
$100 Layout - Erika
$100 Domain hosting and site creation - Erika
$150 Launching soiree with the poets - Duda

Until 15/ago - Selection of texts for editing :white_check_mark:
16/aug to 10/set - Layout and illustration
10 to 20/set - Printing of 300 zines + placing at Mintbase
25/set - Release of printed zine with soirée at Palácio Pimenta kiosk at Museu de Lisboa and website where it can be viewed and printed.