[report] criatura&beri – august 2022

Report Status: In Progress

Council members:
Gabriela Abreu // gabrielaabreu.near
Rita Paiva // ritapaiva.near
João Capelossi // joaocapelossi.neat

Balance: 12 N
Received: 5.000 DAI

Last Proposal: [APPROVED] criatura&beri - august 2022
Last Report: [report] criatura&beri - july 2022



  • Visualizers EP Fim de Carreira | Tomaz Lenz - tomazlenz.near
    Status: Finished! The 4 visualizers for Tomaz Lenz’s new EP were recorded at Fábrica Braço de Prata and Monsanto, in Lisbon. The videos are already finished and will be released as the singles are released. We have 3 NFTs in our Mintbase: criaturaberi.mintbase1.near on Mintbase

  • LIVROFICINA | Palavracasa: the word as creative power | Giulia Frascino giuliafrascino.near
    Status: Finished! With all places sold out, the artist is now all set to give her workshop, which will take place on September 8th, at Tataoim. After the workshop, the artist will have 7 days to place the NFTs on Creature&Beri’s Mintbase.

  • OPEN CALL - Creating NFTs
    [CLOSE - OPEN CALL] Creating NFT - Criatura&Beri
    STATUS: Finished! We consider our first Open Call to have had good results. We managed to move our social networks and also our channel on Telegram. There were 13 entries and the winners were chosen with the collaboration of MUTI and CUDO DAO. The winners were: @JulianaM , @rosasdulces and @elizabethramos , they will have the whole month of September to develop the project that they applied to the application. The NFTs they produced will be available in our mintbase until September 30th.

  • 7th Lisbon Poetry Festival - The Final Event | Joao Innecco joaoinnecco.near
    [APPROVED] 7º Lisbon Poetry Festival
    Status: The project is finished, the event will take place on September 18th. The selected artists will present a performance that joins poetry and music, then we will have an open stage for the artists that will be present at the event, at Fábrica Braço de Prata, with free entrance. This project will be done in collaboration with MUTI DAO, who will broadcast the event on their NearHub.

  • ZINE - A poem for each mermaid | Duda Las Casas dudanaotemduvida.near
    [APPROVED] ZINE - Um poema para cada sereia
    Status: Project in progress. The project started as soon as the proposal was approved, the artist is following the schedule attached to the August proposal. The curation has already been done, as well as the production of the poetry. The poets selected were: Ana Tinoco https://www.instagram.com/analuizatinoco/, Duda Las Casas https://www.instagram.com/dudanaotemduvida/ and Ellen Lima Wassu https://www.instagram.com/ellenlimawassu/. The zine is now in the layout phase. The project will be launched still in September, in Lisbon, after the release, the Zine will be available at Criatura&Beri DAO’s Mintbase.

  • Aprender a Recibir video clip | Mari Segura marisegura.near
    [APPROVED] Videoclip Mari Segura - Aprender a Recibir
    Status: In Progress, following the schedule. The video clip has already been filmed, is being edited, and is in the post production phase. As mentioned before, this is the biggest project, among the projects that are being developed within our DAO. Because it is a music video that uses, besides the filming, which was done in three different locations, documentary video clips from when the artist was a child. Thus, it is a more complex work, which demands more time. The schedule is being followed and the video clip will be released next month.

  • Criatura&Beri Studio Session Ep.2 | ritapaiva.near
    [PROPOSAL] Criatura&Beri Studio Sessions - Ep.2
    Status: Our second edition is in production phase, as stated in our schedule. In this first part, we visited some locations and chose to do it at Hommies, in Lisbon. We are waiting for the confirmation from one of the artists to close the date, but the recording should happen between September 19 - 25. The second edition of the Creature&Beri Studio Session will also be a partnership with MUTI DAO that will broadcast live the recording in its NEAR HUB.



  • 1500 USD: COUNCIL (30%)
    [500 DAI gabrielaabreu.near // 500 DAI joaocapelossi.near // 500 DAI ritapaiva.near]

    [800 DAI to dudanaotemduvida.near]

    [1,000 DAI to joaoinnecco.near // 50 DAI to muti.sputnik-dao.near]

    [50 DAI to NearHub muti.sputnik-dao.near // 100 DAI Pré-Produção Studio Session toritapaiva.near // 100 DAI Pré-Produção Studio Session to gabrielaabreu.near
    200 DAI Sound Capture and Editing to marisegura.near // 125 DAI Video Capture to ritapaiva.near // 125 DAI Video Capture to berpeixoto.near //
    200 DAI Video Editing to ritapaiva.near // Payable after recording 300 DAI Fees for the artists (150 MADU e 150 MÉLI)]

  • Payable, once the NFT is placed in Mintbase: 450 USD: OPEN CALL NFTs [150 DAI to rosasdulces.near // 150 DAI to jmm.near // 150 DAI to elisabethramos.near]

Total: 5,000 DAI



  • We noticed a difficulty in moving the community we already know through Instagram and offline events to Telegram (it is a tool that is not much used in the community where we are inserted). So we thought of two alternatives: move the networks more with Open Calls and rewards. We were successful, as we were able to mobilize more people to our channel in Telegram, which now has 28 members. Telegram: Contact @criaturaberidao

  • We also decided to create and send a newsletter with information about DAO, NEAR and the projects we are developing. The result of the newsletter was very satisfactory: sent to 107 people, the email was opened by 61 people (42.1%).
    Report - 24-ago

  • The Open Call movement also impacted our Instagram accounts:

https://www.instagram.com/weareberi_ :point_down:

https://www.instagram.com/c.r.i.a.t.u.r.a :point_down:

Which now have 644 and 330 followers, respectively.


Highlights, Learnings & Next Steps: It was a very enjoyable month for us at CREATURE&BERI. We have been managing several projects at the same time and this is amazing! We chose to put more time into developing the projects, because we realized that the time between approving in the Forum, approving in AstroDAO and receiving the funds can be quite large. For example, we only received our funding payment for August on September 6th. So the flow of ongoing projects varies quite a bit, and we are always having projects being completed. I think that extending the project development time is a good alternative to be able to do a good job, to be able to feed our community more and more.



Hey, @gabrielaabreu thanks for your report.
For the future, could you please skip creating single proposals with [APPROVED] notification? It might create confusion for others, also, single proposals don’t need approvals, only main funding ones, which community moderators handle.

Thank you for understanding!

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Hello Paulo :blush:

Of course. I apologize for the confusion, I thought that was the correct way to do it. I will leave [APPROVED] only for the monthly proposals - made by the moderators. Thanks for your help.


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