[APPROVED] : Zine#3

ZINE #3 : For our third publication we would like to invite an artist from outside de DAO.

We will be onboarding this new artist into the community, creating a NEAR wallet and explaining our process in the making of the zine. It’s important to know that we won´t have any creative/editorial input in the story/concept of the zine. We want to provide a safe space where artists can explore with minimal limitations.

  • Illustrate and design : ZINE #2 = 300$
  • photography = 100$
  • printing = 100$
  • assembling = 200$

Sub-total: 700$

Thank you all for your consideration,
the DOI DOI team


I would love to apply for this I’m louietism all the way from the Philippines I’m a Digital Artist illustrator. I also join many bounties within the near forum government and if you’re looking for character design of the zine

Here’s my works or portfolio if you are interested to look at to see the vision of my art with zine :hugs::heart_eyes:


Hi , Im Jami and i’ve like to proposed a position of assembling. I have experience in as an Admin and Moderators in different group, i do create sheets report in my group based, managing games event. Guiding my team how to learn what is Near Protocol and what are the values being in ecosystem.

I also enlighten them to learn how and what is blockchain means. How to trade., Assisting in different collaborations in my community. I am also an artist., digital NFT creator ,themes, Logo , sticker maker and a painter. I am also a bounty hunters. Well know as a crypto enthusiasts since 2014.

I been in NEAR Ecosystem since December 2021 and member in gov forum in March 2022 invited by sir @David_NEAR . You can check out my Near Status here :point_down:

My Twitter Profile , Not too much follower i can say, :point_down:


My IG Account :point_down:

Thank you.

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