[Approved] Young Fresh Dao Funding Proposal (May - July) 2023

[Young Fresh Dao] - FUNDING PROPOSAL FOR MAY/JUNE/JULY] - [2023]


DAO introduction


March report

Previous reports

Explain in detail about your DAO, what purpose it solves, what will the community be like and what are you trying to build.

Young Fresh Dao
Home for Creative Youths and those Young at Heart)

The primary aim of this Dao is to create a home and support for creative students in Nigeria which will in turn will automatically promote the near ecosystem to all creatives in the world.

Our Mission?

Building an interractive creative digital space on the Near ecosystem


Provide a secure source of income for independent creatives within the Near protocol.

  • Why team is best for the funds

*Background information and exprience of team involved in the projects


Instagram profile

Larkim is a music artiste and a creative art student at the university of lagos, with about 10years experience in music creation.He is a founder/ member of youngfresh dao, worked as a council for near x art, played some advisory role in the setting up of burblesque dao and Upcycled Dao, worked with Claudia to help create the African burn store for music artiste. He is well grounded and has a full knowledge on technical and managerial aspects of web3 ecosystem. He has played an active role in managing of all the activities of youngfresgdao community for over a year, this has made him gather a lot of exprience with building and interracting with creatives.



Near social
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Is a young hardworking and dedicated artiste from Philippine, He started his journey in web3 in 2021 by entering web3 contests,investments,and invite contest and got more experienced with time, in 2022 he bacame admin of a program called Task App which was closed because of low budget income, after this he joined a contest with a group of web3 digital artists in Philippine where he won 5th runner up.
He is a Meme maker on Near Meme daily, near meme daily , in April joined some contest like meme contest engagement contest.etc. He learned painting with pixelab x(self learning).Making some art about plant on riazfarms.
He also joined a near protocol contest called NFTfriday winning a near token with his art. So since then He has tapped fully as a NFT artist still learning to paint so he I mproved in digital painting. He was invited to join the council team of youngfreshdao following his contribution to the youngfresh dao growth and his dedication to web3 and the near ecosystem.



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Instagram profile


is a music producer and a cofounder of youngfreshdao, he graduated from the university of ilorin, where he studied English, He has gained a lot experience when it comes to buding communities on web3 ,as he has been a council member since the early stages of Young Fresh Dao community.
He has contributed massively in the setting up of physical events and competitions. He also been involved with couple of metaverse events like Nxm live and metaverse Party, he also contributed in the production of some Nft music projects.

Al_chemist.near :

Near Social


is a musicologist , sound engineer and a music producer , he studies music at the university of Lagos, he has experience in the management of creative artists, he newly joined the young fresh dao coucil, He has been actively involved in some activities in our community. His role is provide education and music mentorship to aspiring artiste in the community.


Linkdin profile

Honest, passionate, dedicated, and goal-oriented personnel experienced in Planning and Management Production and Construction operations with track record of leaving clients and stakeholders impressed beyond expectations.
He joined the youngfreshdao council since June 2022,has a basic knowledge and skills in the web3 ecosystem, as he assists us in our Time Management, Continuous Improvement, Performance Management, Scheduling, Coordination, Team Management, Problem Solving, Creativity, Critical Observation, Blueprint Reading, Negotiation,Data Analysis, and Technical Report writing.

Technical Team

Developers Team ( Background Information of our developers team)

We are working with dvconsulrures on our technical project, a company dedicated to develop software since 2004, at this moment , they are full in web 3 on NEAR protocol, with a small team of 12 devs.

Maria Eugenia Arevalo


is a NEAR Certified Analyst, NEAR Certified Professor, NEAR Certified Developer and successfully completed the NEAR Developer in Residence with NEAR Hispano. He has had an active participation in projects such as Near P2P [Defix]. (http://defix3.com/), Monkeonear musicfeast His role is for w3 music dapp is project leader, architecture evaluation and standards.

Andrés Dominguez
gov forum profile

Andress is a NEAR Certified Developer and NEAR Certified Instructor, successfully concluded the NEAR Developer in Residence with NEAR Hispano. He has had an active participation in projects like NEAR P2P Dex, Freehorses.io, Evie.
His role is Technical Leader within the team and integration.

Herian Palencia @dexter3 is a NEAR Certified Analyst, NEAR Certified Developer and successfully completed the NEAR Developer in Residence with NEAR Hispano. He has had an active participation in projects such as Exswap, Raikumo, Monkeonear and HomeDelivery.

His role in the team is to work on Figma the design and pass 100% layout to the frontend

Cesar Coronel

gov foum profile

NEAR Certified Analyst, NEAR Certified Developer and successfully completed the NEAR Developer in Residence with NEAR Hispano. He has had an active participation in projects such as Home Delivery, and will be in this project as Frontend

Juan Ochando @jochando Certified Analyst, NEAR Certified Developer and successfully completed the NEAR Developer in Residence with NEAR Hispano. I work on the Backend of Defix3, Artemis Elearning and will be in this project working on the smart contract.

  • Achievement information about the DAO

Our long term goal is to create a sustainable community for creatives in Africa, and since the inception of youngfresh dao, we have been able to achieve some milestones, that put us step further in achieving this mission.
One of the major highlights of our community is the building of W3 music dapp which is still in process, this dapp will provide income for small scale musicians in Africa .

Check our demo prototype here

W3 music

Social media

YouTube : 69 subscribers

Instagram: 151 followers

Telegram : 165 members

Mintbase : music store : 50 nfts

Smile collection store : 17 nfts

Share the number of proposals crteated
In creative dao , from April 2022 until now, we created 4 approved proposals.

How many councils

5 councl, changing in every 6 months

Size of the community
150 members, 35 active onchain

  • Genre - What category does your DAO fall under
  1. Art
  2. Music
  3. Culture
  • Impact

What kind of impact is creating or is on the track to create

Our mission includes creating a tool that will serve as a steady source of income to creatives, and provide mentorship and education to creatives to help them grow and expand.

In addition talking to producers and songwriters in the web3 space, we have noticed that 70% of them need some steady source of income for their works to help them remain in the web3 space.

  • Roadmap

Long term goals and road map to
achieving them

Q2 ( May / june)

*Deploy w3 music dapp on testnet

*Test the functionality of w3 music dapp with 30 artists/ producers

*Collaborate with musicfeast dapp to Create music Nfts for 11 artists

Create awareness for W3 dapp on twitter
Onchain transactions with young fresh community artists on near social

Q3 ( July / August / September)

Launch W3 music dapp on mainet
Promotional content to facilitate sales for the first set of artists on the dapp
Social media promotion
Onboard 100 active users transacting on w3 music dapp

Q4 ( October/ November/ December)

Collaborate with a celebrity musician/ producer to influence the dapp to a larger audience

Start our referral marketing plan to onboard new new users

Our end of the year goal is to hit 1000 active users.

Q1 (January/ February/ March) 2024

Create marketing contents with popular social media influencers and artiste to push the reach of the dapp

Collaborate with investors and companies to raise funds for further development and marketing of the dapp

Hit 2000 active user at the end of the first quarter of next year

Q2 [April, May, June)2024

Host a musical concert with top artistes
educational seminar and mentorship for active users on the dapp
W3 music billboards in major cities in Nigeria

Q3 [ july, august, september ) 2024

Our major focus for this quarter will be to supervise the creation of 500 contents for influencers and artistes to market W3 music to a larger audience.

Q4 [ october, november, december )2024

we will open a physical hub that would serve as a live recording studio to support users and creators on the dapp.

10000 active users on w3 music

pitch to investors to raise more funds to expand

  • DAO’s Milestones for proposal

Attached below is a google link to access each proposal in the format suggested in the creative chatter

Project 1

Proposal 2

Proposal 3

Proposal 4

Council fee : $1000 will be shared among 5 council for supervision of all activities

  • What is the goal of the DAO’s objective?

  • Creating a source of income for small independent artist in Africa on Near blockchain network via the use of our Dapp

  • Onboarding various artists from different disciplines into web3

  • Creating events and physical meetups for artiste with an educational and digital component.

  • Self-sustainability (through Dapps, mentorship services for artists & educational workshops )

  • Roadmap to reach the goal

Each phase is will be for a 6month time interval

(phase 1)
Completion of W3music dapp and launch on mainet
focus on onboarding more artists (promotional contents for artiste, Artist mentorship and physical meet up).
Strengthen the internal structure ( Weekly educational segment, weekly quiz on near social)

Phase 2
focus on onboarding more artists to use W3 music dapp ;
Referral marketing to onboard more users for W3 dapp

strengthen the internal structure of onboarded artiste , (one on one mentorship, contents creation & education of artists)

Phase 3
Marketing with social media influencers , top artists to onboard more creative users on the dapp

  • Live music event to onboard more artist and create more awareness on the dapp

  • Free studio session to support artists to create on the dapp

  • Income generation from transaction made on the dapp for sustainability

  • How is the longer term goal divided into milestones making the DAO reach there?

  • What will the community or the team members’ role be?

  • Council will handle production, promotion and education

  • Technical team will handle the execution and deployment of W3 music dapp.

  • Community members and artists will be involved in the testing phase of W3 music , as we will be getting feedbacks from them on how to improve the testnet

  • Onchain community members will be actively involved in decision making as they can create a poll and vote on it too without the involvement of councils.

  • Broader community member is as always welcomed to join, participate in our educational segment,and participate in what we are working on.
    Council members are only entitled to council fee, remaining funds allocated for artists support and development will be fully allocated to the artists.

Additional Information

We have successfully executed our first milestone, which includes building the demo prototype of W3music dapp

Here are some pictorial representation

This proposal will help us build on testnet before launching to mainet.

Also Aside from selling beats and songs , We will also have a segment where other players in the music field like instrumentalists, graphic designers, videographers can create a profile with their works and get jobs from people who will be in need of their services, something like a linkdin for musicians

Legal wrapper

**Total request number:*.

5000usd in Dai

DAO on-chain address (youngfresh.sputnik-dao.near):


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Thank You @Lansamoanu . Much appreciated

The proposal was granted approval on May 17th within the funding vertical of CreativesDAO, delineating the following details:

Hi @larkim & Young Fresh DAO. Congratulations on your approved proposal. Please proceed with step 1 in [Guide] Creatives Constellation Funding Guidelines to claim the payout for your projects.

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