[APPROVED] Vértebra Project - NOVEMBER

Hello everyone.

I want to share with you my idea for the november Vertebra Project, if it is approved.
I would like the next edition of the project to be through collages (Image example).
It would be very nice if this next collection explored this art form, either digitally or even by hand.

I would really like anyone who makes this type of art or tags an artist who makes collages and wants to turn them into NFT to interact with this post.

What are your thoughts on this idea?


Great idea, looking forward to seeing this :wink:


I’m so happy with this project. The idea to create a new way to do it on each month give me a lot of energy to see more. #gocudo


Love the idea of expanding Vértebra to other disciplines (whithout losing the projects identity). Collage is an awesome way to expand the project :wink:

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