The Vertebra Project is pleased to announce a partnership to make the project “Every Boy is King” idealized by @ronald to spread arts by the 3rd largest agglomerate of Latin America, the Aglomerado da Serra, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Every Boy is King, is a project that aims to praise the children who live within the Aglomerado da Serra and because of violent conflicts can not transit between 8 villages that constitute this region.

That is why this project is important, to make it possible for these children to move freely through art in the form of graffiti, bringing hope to the residents of this place.

Vertebra Project will support this project with the purchase of the material needed to make the project and in the end we will create 8 nfts with @ronald’s art to be sold at 1 near each, being spli with the CUDO DAO store;


Thank you very much Cudo dao.