[proposal] vertebra project - june


In the month of june CUDO DAO is still in Brazil and it’s been amazing!
We will continue with our projects and they will be focused on local artists and we think about supporting not only artists, but also projects and introduction to the nft world.

Stay tuned for more news to come!

As it was informed here on the forum, the Vertebra project in June was focused on collaborating with artists in Brazil and we had closed a project in partnership with Casa do Cacete in Sergipe - Brazil, however we totally lost contact with the person responsible and had to make some last minute changes.

So, the Vertebra Project returned to its origins and we brought three artists that are part of the Kasa Invisível Project, each of them presented 10 arts that are already being posted on our Instagram and soon will be in our Mintbase.

With this two new wallets were created:


In addition to Suellen Ribeiro who had already participated in the project in another occasion.