[APPROVED] VanDAO Monthly Funding - January 2022


Happy New Year!!! It’s been a great beginning for VanDAO, with the month of December setting the wheels in motion I’m really excited for January and beyond!

View the December Report to get up to date on the projects!

Project/Council Members:

Currently the only official Council for this project is myself, @vandal. I’m working on the Membership structure for the DAO and in this proposal I’ll be commissioning the Membership NFT artwork.



Total Requested Funding Amount:

$3,250 (in NEAR = 195 N @ $16.70 Coingecko 10:15AM 04/01/21)

Projects & Timelines:

Project 3 - VanDAO Membership NFT

Kickstarting the membership initiatives planned for February.
Request = $250

Project 4 - VanHub

A new home for VanDAO on NEARhub! To be used as a gallery, website and place to host meetings, hang out and showcase performances!
Request - $3,000

Thanks for considering my proposal for January 2022 funding :pray: :heart:


Hey @Benz_Near I noticed you changed the tag from Creatives DAO to Marketing DAO and removed the ‘draft’ from the title. I’ve been creating a number of draft proposals because I can’t write more than one proposal at a time without publishing them first. Wondering why it’s being directed to Marketing DAO now instead of Creatives? Cheers!

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Hey there! Sorry if i modified this wrongly! As i saw it was a funding draft i moved edited it following this guide

If you made similar post before let me change it for you!

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@Benz_Near no worries! It also helps me navigate which proposals need more info or editing to keep the listed as [draft proposal]. I’ll comb over the guide again though. Just to clarify, am I to submit my proposal to Marketing DAO now and not Creatives DAO? Cheers!


Yes sir! When you wanna make a funding proposal you should tag Marketing and Marketing DAO! As the guide says :wink:


Good evening! I’ll be happy to approve your proposal. Thank You for wonderful work .


Thank you @Dacha! I’ll submit it to the DAO today :pray:

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@marketingdao-council I’ve submitted my proposal to the DAO Cheers!

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Hey guys,

I think this is more appropriate for the CreativesDAO, as originally intended. Apologies for the mix up. I’ll move the thread accordingly.


That’s what I originally thought as well @David_NEAR I’m tagging @creativesdao-council here and will share in the Telegram chat, we just had the Open House call last night. I’ve also already submitted this proposal to the Marketing DAO FYI.


Thanks for posting this.
Imo it is a mix between creativity and marketing :smiley:
As a Creative DAO Council I’m happy to mark this proposal [Approved] for January.
You can ask the payout of 195 N to the Creatives ASTRO :smiley:


Thanks for the approval! Hope to figure out the direction for future proposals with more clarity for next month.