With the changes in the funding process, we at VR DAO were forced to rethink our roadmap. To that end we are focusing on supporting artists right away and postponing the creation of the web platform. But, in order to attract artist and diversify our revenue streams we need THE FLOOR IS TOO HIGH to have a striking visual presentation. A strong and coherent visual identity will help us when we approach institutions to get alternative sources of funding. We want this project to expand and gain autonomy and for that we need to craft an image that is able to convey our mission and our values.

For that project we will be onboarding Mariana Vale, a designer with a great track record working with art institutions. Bringing her in would diversify the talent in our community and establish a bridge to art institutions.

Mariana Vale Bio:

Thoughtful and concept-driven, my work focusses on translating ideas and products into engaging visual communication. I work closely with institutions, companies and individuals helping them finding exciting ways to expand their brief into unique, beautiful and functional results.

Services include visual identity, editorial design, webdesign, art direction, signage, illustration, animation and more. All that across a wide range of sectors, including in the arts, culture, tech and non-profits.

Passionate about projects that have a positive influence on the world — through creativity, sustainability, social innovation, information or technology.


Work Description


Research_ Collection of information about the project, including a questionnaire or interview, in order to understand the values and personality that should be conveyed in the identity.

Moodboard_ Starting from the clues found in the first phase phase, we will start looking for visual references references to find a visual direction for the

the identity.

Development of ideas_ Presentation of an identity proposal, with simulation of concrete applications. According to the client’s feedback, the graphic identity will be unfolded into the elements that define the visual vocabulary of the visual vocabulary of the project and its application/conjugation: logo, fonts, colours and examples of application.


  • PDF with visual norms
  • Logo
  • Animated logo
  • Profile images and banner for social media
  • Templates for social media posts
  • Templates for grant applications

This proposal will have the cost of 1500$


Hi @nearestchico, thank you for the proposal

Could you please break in detail of the cost for each tasks involved? thank you