This proposal is done in the context of the creative direction project THE FLOOR IS TOO HIGH.
We propose to proceed with the first month of curatorial research for the execution of the funding program.
The curatorial team already set the conceptual frame with its thematic axes and expected methodologies and outcomes, and now we would like to follow with the research of artists in different territories and VR exhibition concepts.

At the end of the month we will deliver a document with the outcomes of the research, for example, the list of artists with their information, and critical texts reflecting on what/who was researched and how it/he/she/they were researched. We will also include the outcomes regarding VE exhibit concepts, but this research will be slower since we need to define the list of artists as soon as possible.

Also, it will be our responsibility to contact the artist, explain the project and make sure we fill the positions for at least three months of the program.

15h/month of work @nearestchico => 500$

15h/month of work @nico => 500$

Total request: 1000$

Thank you!