[APPROVED] Spiritual DAO Monthly funding request - april 2022

April 2022 founding proposal for Spiritual DAO

Council Members



Target: spiritual-dao.sputnik-dao.near

KYC: bettle-juice.near

Total Requested Funding Amount 5000USD

Divided by:

  • Crossroad Events (4 events in our rent parcel to host the karma podcast premiere and revel the winners on the bounties) - DJ 50USD x 4 = 200USD

  • Karma Podcasts (4 podcasts with audio and video) - Podcaster 125USD x 4 = 500USD

  • Show your Soul Bounties (4 bounties with 3 prizes in each one [12 prizes] - 66USD per prize x 12 = 792USD

  • Innerviews with Sahil Massey (4 interviews with audio and video) - 125USD per interview x 4 = 500USD

  • Parcel management ( decoration, organization and rent of our parcel for all our events) - 500USD

  • Spiritual DAO video edition (edition of 8 videos [Karma and Innerviews]) 62,5USD x 8 = 500USD

  • Spiritual DAO Visual Identity Bounty (logo+colors+typography+guide for our visual identity)- 378USD

  • Buy a store in mintbase for Spiritual DAO - 130 USD (we are sorting out more than we think NEAR will be costin, but, all the extra money remaining will be added to Spiritual DAO Visual Identity Bounty

  • Council work 1500USD

Preview report

Here you can see our last report

Relevance and justification: the importance of this set of projects is to stimulate the community to produce artistic spiritual products registered on the blockchain and to bring people from outside the near community to our ecosystem. This is relevant because it increases near community and brings an artistic topic of main relevance, which is spirituality, to our community. We will have music projects, visual art projects, video produced podcasts, interviews, metaverse meditations and paties, and many other creative products concerning spirituality.


Here you can see our projects and their accountables:


April 2022: April 2nd to 30th

These are the projects that the Spiritual DAO would actualize for the month of April. All these projects are approved by the Spiritual DAO.

Approval of the budget proposal by the DAO on ASTRODAO

be in the journey


this seems weird
if to analize same projects from the last month there is a big question - why to repeat it again? what have it brought to the community or spiritual dao?

and here i see a deeper point - are you going to produce a “new age hipe” or to give a real spiritual experience within the cultural discоurce ?

i was trying to study introduction to spiritual dao to understand better its purposes and instruments, but couldn’t find it.
probably it’s me who takes spirituality too serious :woman_shrugging: :slight_smile:


Hi @johanga its very nice of you to point your doubt, questions and concerns, cause this can be other people doubts too.

We like to repeat projects, first to improve them (at the first time its difficult to get all of the project can deliver) and second, if the project was a success, why not do it again?

Our 3 projects of march were very successful, the Crossroad event bring a lot of people, the Karma Podcast hosted in the event exited a lot of people, and our Show your Soul Bounties make our community engaged all the time.

We added a new one project to our list. Just one, cause we want to go slow and always.
And star to develop our identity cause we think that we are beginning to create roots.

Your second question is very important for us. We aren’t an educational and research DAO. We are a creative DAO so we use spirituality to inspire people in art, to develop themself and with it go to the next level of creativity and artistic skills. We are a vehicle to the artist.
Art has roots in religion (for example this sculpture) so now we are trying to make the opposite path and use spirituality/religion for bring art to the world.

Our community bring to life art that touch them and share with us. Maybe isn’t the real spiritual experience that you are waiting for. But it’s a real spiritual experience.

Here you can see our introduction for the NEAR community.

Hope i answer, even if little, your questions.

Fell free to ask more <3

“You cannot separate art from life or spirituality.
They are bound together in a single unit”
(Nick Bantock)


Hello @beetlejuice. Happry to see your proposal.

can you describe better the values here? Look at this example:

That way the mean information becomes clearer, and in case of doubt, we can consult the full version via the hyperlink. =)


perfect <3 i will do this

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i already made the edition, see if its better now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi @beetlejuice. Thanks for the updates. Do you have any plans to increase the number of board members in the coming months? Other than that, I’m checking with the other moderators to see if anyone has another point to make here.

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Hi, @hevertonharieno !

We want and need more people on spiritual DAO!!! We have some people in mind, but we didnt decide yet. But as soon as possible we will take a 3rd member at the council

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Hello all! Thanks for your patience and grace in moving through all the dynamics this month. Your proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao , so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts. Also, Feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for Better Organization.


Sounds great. Would love to hear more about your podcast production. Where is it happening physically?

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Hello Roadworks, how are you?

Our podcasts are recorded remotely by who is speaking

Good evening! Could you please share the videos?
Thank You

Hellow @Dacha , how are you?

First i want to thank you for this reply. We upload the first 2 ones and didnt upload the last 2 ones in youtube.

We already have them in the drive like you can see in the images bellow.

I put them in the YT channel. Here is the links

First innerview

Second innerview

Third innerview

Forth innerview

Hope you appreciate it <3

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