[Approved] ROUND 4 On-Boarding



CITY: Ventura, Ca

PRODUCER: DNC Consulting and Management

ROUND4 is a friendly hip-hop competition event in which 4 local artists, chosen by a panel, each perform a 20 minute set of their best songs inside of a boxing ring. We believe a targeted, performance vs. performance competition, structured as a public concert will drive traffic to the participants platforms and help them grow and hopefully further monetize their audiences. DNC Consulting and management often cite the 2020 Health Day New study which reported on the positive effect that beat-heavy hip-hop music has on mental health. This dual purposed event will also act as a case study for local mental health officials and professionals interested in studying first hand, the effects that hip-hop can have on anxiety, depression and other mental conditions. As of now there are no stakes other than reputation. I also see this as an AMAZING opportunity to on-board the performers and attendees of the event. Each artist is already being paid to perform and all event photographers, videographers and DJ’s have been paid.

150 NEAR
Digital marketing and branding for ROUND4 are the responsibility of my company Connect the Coast. I’ve decided to make this an NFT event. Every single digital highlight from the night of this event will be tokenized as an NFT on the NEAR Blockchain and sold in a pop-up Mintbase store specifically dedicated to ROUND4, the event flyer’s the pictures, the videos EVERYTHING! NFT profits will be split between the content creator(s), the subject(s) of the content and anyone involved in the creation of the unlockables. The proceeds would be split between the artist, the producer(s) and the NxM Guild.

The event will be held at a venue that can hold between 200 and 400 patrons and sell a minimum of 100 tickets. At the lower end of the scale I plan to on board 10% of the attendees and 100% of our performers and production staff which currently stands at 14 people.

Participants are to submit one original record funded by the NxM Guild. A panel of NxM Guild members would be chosen by the guild to vote on their favorite submission, the winning song would be minted by DAORECORDS. Profits would be split between the artist(s), the producer(s), the writer(s) and DaoRecords. Token utility is to be voted on by the NxM voting panel, DAORECORDS and the winning artist or their representation.

150 NEAR in total is to be distributed evenly to participating ROUND4 performers. 50% will be distributed after the event to help in the creation of the record. Once the guild confirms that funds have been transferred, participants have 30 days to deliver an unreleased, original song. Once the finished music is delivered the 75 NEAR balance will be distributed. The final versions of the songs will be analyzed and voted on by the panel. The winning song will be minted by DAORECORDS and released within 5 Days of delivery*.


Participants: $horty Duwop, Kontra Mantis & Kingsley
Delivery: Participants are ready to begin upon confirmation of payment, once payment is confirmed they have 30 days to deliver a complete song
Tentative Start Date: 9/6/21
Hello all, just for clarity the actually Round 4 event already had funding, it took place on August 28th my proposal is an extention of the even meant to introduce the participants to NxM and NEAR. Full transparency, we based ticket sale speculation off of our previous events which sold much better, this event had a lower turn out because it was the first of its kind.


We’d like for the final songs to be delivered to NxM Guild for voting by October 10th 2021. Although tentative and flexible, the following is the most efficient schedule of delivery based on the availability of all participating artists. The Round 4 NxM Panel will consist of 4 guild members and be assembled by “first come first served bounty,” The bounty should last 48 hours (October 12th, 2021) once panel members are confirmed, they will have 72 hours (October 15th 2021) to turn in their votes each panelist will have 1 vote. The panel will be judging submissions based on sound quality and likability, the winning submission will be minted on the NxM NFT store front within 5 days of the panels decision, and the contract will be split between the guild and the creators. Panelist will be paid once their votes are submitted.


Judge 1 5 NEAR
Judge 2 5 NEAR
Judge 3 5 NEAR
Judge 4 5 NEAR

note: 50% payment upfront 50% delivery up finished song

Kingsley.Near.com 15 NEAR

$horty Duwop
ShortyDuwop.Near.com 15 NEAR

Kontra Mantis
Kontra1.Near.com 15 NEAR

POP UP STORE (minting cost)

4 Photo gallery NFTs (one for each artist)

4 Video gallery NFTs (one for each artist)

1 Full video re-cap NFT up to 5 min

1 Event Flyer NFT

Connectthecoast.Near.com 30 NEAR


DNCDEX.Near.com 35 NEAR


NxM Bounty for Static Artwork for NxM store 10 NEAR

Animated Artwork by Connect the Coast for Round 4 store Connectthecoast.Near.com 10 NEAR


Thanks for amending the proposal! Please do mark it approved in the subject line. @Grace @zeitwarp @JMaenen @chloe any thoughts or questions?


Honestly, mostly just looking forward to both the in person aspects of this proposal and the on chain ones as well.

Seems like a great opportunity to take an event that already seems pretty cool and unique, and adding an even more interesting twist as well! Hopefully NxM gets to support more events like this as things open up :see_no_evil:


I know! I’m inspired as well now that I’m settling in to things here in Lisbon to start kicking off some live events and onboarding workshops as well if time permits!

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Great stuff! Thanks for including the photos and looking fwd to hearing the results! Pls do submit the proposal to the DAO. Cheers!

Hey @Connectthecoast just checking to see how the project is coming along and when the NFT release will be? Pls do drop an update here for us!