[Approved] Reddit Ops - Backpay and new compensation proposal


The reddit ops team has not been compensated for January or February. Luckily, a number of reddit ops team members are empaths, and have picked up on a vibe that some of our fans in the gov forum are discontent with the amount of $NEAR the reddit ops team makes (10k USD equivalent per month). For this reason, we will be presenting a plan that reduces our compensation for the coming months. In this forum post, we wish to accomplish the following:

  • Reiterate and collect outstanding compensation for January and February (according to original agreement)
  • Propose compensation for AMA payments made over the past few months
  • Clarify the value the reddit ops team brings to the NEAR community
  • Outline a new payout plan for the coming months

Outlining Payouts

We propose the previously agreed upon compensation of $10,000 USD for both months, plus outstanding AMA payments. Below we will very clearly outline the value the reddit team ads to the Marketing DAO, and propose a plan moving forward.

[Link to December Summary]
[Link to January Summary]

Joe’s AMA payment calculations

Explained here

Proposal Moving Forward

We propose:

  • Daily posting on Reddit in the sub minimum of 3x per day
  • Twice weekly posting on major subs around Reddit (goal of 300k impressions in March)
  • Reddit analysis and metric reporting
  • Having AMAs done by the reddit moderation team. This allows us to eliminate an employee, avoid AMA payout concerns, and the task can be done more efficiently by the mod team.
  • 5k budget per month for 3 people, which is taking a significant pay cut while offering largely the same valuable services. We believe in NEAR and want to work with the ecosystem.

Summary of value added

The reddit operations team has built the NEAR sub from roughly 600 subs to more than 6,000 in less than a year. We have established a strong linear trend in subscribers, and by the end of 2022, we anticipate r/NEARprotocol having at least 30,000, with a realistic goal of 50,000.

The reddit ops team brings value to NEAR Protocol in the following ways.


  • We get a lot of impressions - Minimum of 8 posts per month across reddit, each of which generating roughly 30k impressions each, totalling around 240k monthly impressions. Purchasing these impressions through advertising would cost more than hiring the reddit team (at 5k USD/month).
  • We shill quality NEAR-native projects. Minimum of 2 posts per day to our audience on r/NEARprotocol of the most important daily ecosystem updates, and generating engagement.
  • We showcase organic engagement - We maintain a network of accounts that allow us to generate organic engagement both on the sub itself and around Reddit.


  • We offer a home for NEAR Protocol on a platform whose 430 million monthly active users mentioned “crypto” more than any other topic in 2021.
  • We provide a communication channel between the near core team and the greater reddit community. We make announcements on their behalf, host events, and share NEAR content in the wider community.
  • We sustain a discursive model of community building. Reddit is a platform uniquely situated to facilitate the kind of in-depth, technical discussion that is necessary to fully understand the NEAR fundamentals.


  • We host AMAs, giving founders the opportunity to connect directly with the greater reddit community.
  • We answer questions posted on the subreddit, or send questions to relevant community members who can address them more authoritatively.
  • We sort out misinformation and discourage fudding by actively monitoring the sub, deleting false content, and downvoting misleading or otherwise dubious content.

Final payout proposal:

690 NEAR for January
879 NEAR for February
498 NEAR for outstanding AMAs
Total - 1,767 NEAR

Going forward compensation proposal:

5k in USD equivalent paid out in NEAR each month. We can accomplish this by reducing the members of our team (no AMA person) and leveraging the mods to take over AMAs. 5k USD equivalent will allow us to continue all other services. We are open to integrating with other marketing bodies however the community sees fit.

Wallet: redditops.near
KYC pending


Hey guys,

Thanks for getting this over.

The updated funding request seems much more reasonable and I think it’s a given that the MarketingDAO should honor previous agreements.

Quoting a member of the NF Marketing Team:

The Reddit Ops team has been solely responsible for the (organic) subreddit growth so far.I would personally advise to keep them going. Once this transitioning period is over, they will probably have to align more clearly with NF goals/strategy.

& I agree :100:


Yes, agree with it. Thank for help , you rock :+1:

@JosePerez could you please follow the instruction to get payment:

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Hey guys,

To get funded for this you’ll need to submit a poll to Astro in the MarketingDAO section, as well as filling out the form and passing KYC.

If you haven’t received your KYC email yet, please let me know and I’ll check it out.

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