[Approved] Ready Layer One Podcast budget for 1 month of episodes

Project Name: Ready Layer One Podcast
Link: Ready Layer One • A podcast on Anchor
Funding: Quarterly

Two long time friends have a weekly podcast about what is going on in the crypto world, specifically within NEAR. Joe, a software architect and developer, tries to guide listeners on the technical side of crypto. Jared looks at the community, narratives, branding, and adoption side of crypto. Their calls cover current topics on the technology, community, and economics of cryptocurrency and Web3 through the lens of the NEAR ecosystem.

Team (Hosts):
Jared is a content creator and crypto investor. Starting his crypto journey in early 2017 he learned a lot from the ICO boom and bust cycle, followed by the multiyear bear market. Today he focuses on web3 and NFTs. He’s the director of video for a tech company in NYC. For the past 10 years he’s been focused on marketing content that amplifies the brand strategy and delivers the content globally for marketing and social media teams.
Joe is a software developer and architect with over 15 years in the web2 space. He started with crypto back in 2017 as well and began tinkering with web3 and NEAR in 2021. His day job currently is as an integration architect for a global software development company but is working to move to web3. He provides the technical viewpoints on the podcast and will serve as tech lead for any Ready Layer One related projects.

Social Links: twitter

This will help promote the NEAR ecosystem through giving those within the ecosystem a chance to tell their story and be part of a recorded history of NEAR. We also believe that we can become a positive voice in the community to help educate newcomers and current users on what is happening in the NEAR ecosystem and how to make the best of their experience.

We have been active in the podcast space and already recorded 16 episodes and released 15. We aim for at least 1 per week. Both Jared and Joe have been active on Twitter help promoting different projects and initiatives in the NEAR ecosystem as well in various Discords.

We have an initial website rlopodcast dot com and readylayerone dot tech where we will be adding educational content (infographics, videos, etc) and our development projects for the community.

Success measurements:
Success for us will be both listeners (per episode and across all) and community engagement. For community engagement, we will try to measure the reach of our show/content on social media channels and qualitative feedback on the work we are doing.

We believe our endeavor will be successful since we are passionate about NEAR, podcasting, and community engagement. Our two different perspectives help add color to every conversation. Additionally, with our different backgrounds in marketing and software, we are well equipped to develop and execute a roadmap that includes content creation, marketing, and product development.

As a great example of how we see the podcast both as a benefit to the community to inform them on what is happening in the ecosystem, as well as a recorded history please see our latest episode with the NEARnauts project co-founder E15 NEARNauts and Astroverse Collective with co-founder Donny Chakras by Ready Layer One

Funding Requests: 2000 USD ~142N at the time of this post
We are looking for a grant to support the next month of episode creation:

  • at least 4 episodes 2000 USD (500 per episode) - at least 1 episode released per week (similar to what we have done so far)
    • time for research & recording - this includes recording equipment, software
    • editing
    • promotion - this also includes costs for marketing/education collateral

DAO: ready-layer-one.sputnik-dao.near
Wallet: readylayerone.near - Owned by Jared & Joe


Love your Enthusiastic Passion for Near Protocol, Just Curious About Podcast ,. Which Platform you gonna used to Promote Podcast and Where You Podcast Gonna live ?

Thanks for the question.

The podcast will be distributed by Anchor currently which then pushes to all of the major podcast platforms (Spotify, Apple, etc). For promotions, we are going to leverage twitter (from our Ready Layer One account and personal), which will include small snippets along with links back to the long form. You can see some examples on our timelines now. The goal is to share 2-3 clips per episode on twitter and also post full length on YouTube in addition to the traditional Podcast.

Additionally, we will continue to seek community partnerships. And when we release topic heavy episodes like our upcoming one with AVB on DeFI we would produce some infographic collateral to go along with it.

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would love to hop on the show and even give yall a booth during NEAR Hacker House

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Reasonable rewards.
Happy to support your proposal. Thanks.


Thanks for your thoughtful and detailed proposal!

I am very happy to support this proposal. Here are a few notes for future projects:

  • Passion Project. This is a project that very clearly falls within the loose meaning of a passion project - two friends that got together to create a show about the NEAR ecosystem. You have continued to produce content for weeks, without any compensation or expectation of compensation, and are now asking for funds to be able to continue and scale operations.
  • Body of work. There are over a dozen episodes for Council members to listen to in order to ascertain the quality of the content, and potential of the podcast. I’ve personally listened to several and I am quite impressed: high quality guests, thoughtful conversations, high quality audio production; I believe this can scale and become a great asset of the NEAR ecosystem.

Keep up the good work gents!

Disclosure: I was a recent guest on the podcast. This has not affected my decision making in any way.

Hi @joe-rlo Thanks for the proposal. I’m also a longtime podcaster, and I have heard about your show from others in the NEAR ecosystem. I think this is a great project, and I support the funding amount – totally reasonable.

I think you have a lot of support for this, but I also want to ask you to do the same thing we typically ask first-time posters to the Forum who are requesting funding:

  • Introduce yourself and project to the community (feel free to link to your proposal) and mention how people in the community can participate as guests, sponsors, listeners in the future
  • Request funding for a month to start, give us a report on how it goes and then we can perhaps fund multiple months at a time

I like your project, want to support it, but also want to make sure we as a council are asking you to do the same thing we have asked others who are new to the Forum so it’s a level playing field.


Sounds great to us. We will post an introduction and adjust our proposal for 1 month. We are more than happy to report back in a month and re-do the proposal at that time for multiple months.

Thank you!

Just listened to your podcast with Alejandro! Awesome! You’ve got my support.

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Good evening! Your proposal was Approved on the forum.
Please, follow these steps to get approval on Astro DAO

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Thank you!

We are very excited to report back in a month on how much more we have grown.

Here is the link to the Astro DAO poll: Astro


Great proposal guys!
Congratulations and Welcome to the NEAR ecosystem. :bouquet:

I am happy to see a new forum contributor post getting approval in just 5 days :blush:

Although the proposal is approved, I am just curious with few things.

  1. What are the metrics that you guys are considering for measuring the success with this proposal?
  2. The Twitter Link mentioned on your page can’t be accessed. Can you please provide the link here.


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Thank you!

To answer your questions:

  1. For metrics of success we are looking at 3 areas, number of listens per episode, average number of unique listeners, and social engagement (new followers, social activity)
  2. Our main twitter is https://twitter.com/ready_layer_one and each co-host is linked in the profile.
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Nice work!
I hope in future we will see some way where other people in the ecosystem can request to get interviewed by you guys.

Something via a form on the twitter profile or an open public group on telegram/discord.

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Great idea!

Our twitter DMs are always open. We should advertise that more.


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