[Approved, paid] Gaming DAO April funding proposal

Dear NDC, as part of NDC V1, Gaming DAO submits this proposal to the House of Merit, Consul of Advisers and NDC Trust for review

During the February 2024 submission period , the Gaming DAO team received (including proposals postponed from the previous month):

  • 13 proposals
  • Total amount requested: $182,620
Project $ Requested
metaKnyts///DigiTerra $30000
NEAR Gaming Promo Content $13000
Mental Maze $5000
Cosmo Zeta $14500
Pumpopoly $5000
Realis Network $5000000
New Festival Town $6000
Greedy World $40000
Castledice $5000
Protocol Pawns $7800
ZomLand $11000
PipeFlare $15000

Gaming DAO approved the funding request to the House of Merit, CoA and NDC trust:

GAMING DAO request APRIL 2024
Description Link Amount
[APPROVED] Protocol Pawns <> Gaming DAO [APPROVED] Protocol Pawns <> Gaming DAO $7,800
[Approved] Cosmo Zeta <> Gaming DAO [Approved] Cosmo Zeta <> Gaming DAO $14,500
[APPROVED] Pumpopoly <> Gaming DAO [Approved] Pumpopoly <> Gaming DAO $5,000
[APPROVED] Zomland <> Gaming DAO [Approved] Zomland <> Gaming DAO $11,000
GDAO operations
Renumeration (3) $9,000
Social media $1,320
Designer $1000
Advisor (1) $0
Total $49,620

Dear applicants, we would like to inform you that the proposals that were not accepted will receive feedback from the Gaming DAO in the coming days. Our team will contact each of you to discuss and provide detailed information.

Gaming DAO’s April funding procedure:

  • 2 March - 10 March: Applicants to submit proposals on NEAR Forum within the suitable category.
  • 4 March - 14 March: GDAO councils will review the proposals.
  • 10 March - 15 March : GDAO councils submit funding requests to the HoM. KYC/KYB processes for approved applicants begin.
  • 13 March - 17 March: HoM members review the funding request, voting & providing feedbacks.
  • 17 March - 23 March CoA to review and votes on funding requests. Once approved, Grassroots DAOs initiate a transfer to NDC Trust.

Once approved, Grassroots DAOs initiate a transfer to NDC Trust.

Disclaimer: Some timelines can be changed.

For KYC/KYB: KYC is required for all applicants.


Gaming DAO report for February: [REPORT] Gaming DAO Report for February


Hello, team! Thank you. I am happy to support your proposal.

My suggestions:

  • all games developers who got funded from NDC Gaming DAO should say about it in form of a) posts in their social media b) add a logo on their websites (NDC / Gaming DAO / Near)

With the following proposal:

  • do research regarding Games developers grants programs in other blockchains and share in a form the report with the following proposal;
  • do research about current status of games development in Near / Aurora Ecosystem in compare with other top blockchains;

The House of Merit can also consider direct requests from individuals up to $75,000. Please feel free to use this option where needed.