[APPROVED] Publishing houses into NFTs - use case for future onboarding (Mintbase)

really like this proposal! :star_struck:


Hi @BarbaraTosti your project is approved with the phases and budget you outlined.

Not only the idea is great, exploring new use cases, implementing DAOs and engaging a community, but your proposal is also well organized and clearly written.

As soon as you have step 1 completed, please post a comment here with links for the proposed deliverables (posts, press release, etc…) so we can look and give you the green light for the first payout submission.

Looking forward!


we would be honoured to have you in, I started to build a list to keep connection (from every social to the list helps me) so if you want I write you in, in wich social can we reach you directly?

is a super idea to connect with translators here, for now we planned it IRL but still in developing the details so I will add your suggestion

thanks <3

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thanks Lenara to help me follow this steps, your reminder are very helpful to me :slight_smile:

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Just want to share some thoughts about the things we need to define, so maybe anyone can help me with suggestions, links to existing data or researcher or other proposal that are going ths direction and we can support each other :slight_smile:

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If there are any Italian speaker here and interesting in the publishing house topic I would like to connect :slight_smile:

update on my proposal!!!
Today we are sending out the invitation to be part o COSMIA NFT/PUBLISHING HOUSE project to trusted people, I would like to share it also here with you, any kind of interest, condivisione and support is welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: DRAFT LETTER INVITE/Presentation - HackMD (forgot to cancel the word draft in the title but the rest is updated) we hope it will be an interesting experiment/experience for all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and really happy for the people I am meeting through Createbase :v:t2:


Tuesday I am going to have a pair of presentation about an upcoming book of the project #cicatriciebaci #scarkisses that will be published through COSMIA, in Italian and in english, if anyone want to join :slight_smile:

#CICATRICIEBACI - IL LIBRO - presentazione progetto, domande e risposte
Martedì, 15 giugno · 11:00AM – 12:00PM
Informazioni per partecipare di Google Meet
Link alla videochiamata: https://meet.google.com/gkw-feqk-wjy ————————————————————————
Dal progetto fotografico #cicatriciebaci nasce un
primo libro, con esso si apre un nuovo canale
espressivo attraverso la scrittura. Grazie alla
collaborazione con la nascente casa editrice Cosmia
e le nuove prospettive aperte dal digitale stiamo
entrando nel concetto della “narrazione continua”.

In questo primo incontro, dedicato principalmente a
chi ha partecipato al progetto www.cicatriciebaci.
com vi spiego come partecipare con i vostri scritti e
rispondo alle vostre domande.

L’incontro è aperto a tutti gli interessati poiché
seguiranno ulteriori approfondimenti.

#SCARKISSES - THE BOOK - project presentation & ask me anything
Martedì, 15 giugno · 7:00 – 8:00PM
Informazioni per partecipare di Google Meet
Link alla videochiamata: https://meet.google.com/pcv-drsh-pir ———————————————————————-
From the photographic project #cicatriciebaci a first
book is born, with it a new expressive channel is
opened through writing. Thanks to the collaboration
with the nascent publishing house Cosmia and the
new perspectives opened by digital, we are entering
the concept of “neverending narrative”.

In this first meeting, mainly dedicated to those who
have participated in the www.cicatriciebaci.com
project, I will explain how to participate with your
writings and answer your questions.

The meeting is open to all interested parties as
further insights will follow.

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Sounds great!! Good luck with the presentation, do you have the option to record? Could be good to publish as part of the project documentation.

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hi @lenara with a lot of delay but last weeks drifted me to different paths, here they are the recordings of our conversations
https://youtu.be/l1jo-BnN8JY in italian
https://youtu.be/XtWJesAuCMo in english

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Thanks for posting the links! it’s very cool that the project is doing conversations in several languages :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Would you like to post a progress report with your activities so far for each of the proposed phases in the project? It would look something like this:

  • for phase 1 we proposed (…fill in…) and have completed (…fill in…). This represents (percentage, for example 50%) of the proposed deliverables for this phase.
  • for phase 2… (similar as above)
  • etc etc… for all the phases if you have completed some work. If you have not completed any work yet for a phase that’s ok, just mention you haven’t reached this phase in the project yet.

News on the project:


open call (in italian) saturday 17 at 3PM CET here https://kmeet.infomaniak.com/8rmvhf80hg4lkt28lgfitwrz

QUI l’articolo in Italiano COSMIA è nata!

IN STEP 1 we reached:

  • definitely name project,
  • create the association and the statute,
  • draft idea for DAO (still between us founder),
  • first relaese throug posts
    → estimate deadline: was june 2021, well it is a bit delayed
    → 50 NEAR

still to do:
onboarding collaborators but is the aim of this week through the call of saturday 17 at 3PM CET
…the official press release (because we are still fighting with the site design and social profiles creation)

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Hi, I am here to drop some news:

  1. the site is ready, now the English translation simply follows the Italian version, so you can read while we are fixing the website www.cosmia.org
  2. a first call for writers is launched, it is the meeting of the two projects Cosmia and #scarkisses here you can read the terms for partecipating (any spread around of this news is welcomed since we accept any language) expecially we are collecting many subscribers from people that will be onboarded on near :sunglasses:

(bando di scrittura creativa/call for writers)

@lenara @mecsbecs do you think this two steps can be added to the previous message to complete the first part of the task?

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Yes, please let us know what phases and what percentage of them it corresponds to and we can give you the green light to submit a DAO payout.

The website is looking awesome, congratulations! Let us know how to help promote. We would also like to get a quote from you about the project current moment and your next step - this way we can include it in our monthly highlights post :+1:


oh sorry for the delay but few projects needed my attention, will prepare a text next week @lenara for the promotion I have no idea,just that promotion is good, and is needed :joy: so hopefully we will onboard a woman with those skills to help :crossed_fingers:

Hope the right persons finds their way to the project!

You have been doing a lot of work and the Publishing House is moving forward nicely, we are excited to see it continue. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Please submit a payout in the amount of 75 NEAR to our DAO for this last batch of work and link to this forum post.

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oh thanks! that will helps me moving forward, exactly the steps were taken differently but continuously - I will then prepare an article for the next steps on CENTblog - the VR GALLERY with textes we are collecting an that will be then minted on Mintbase

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SputnikDAO here the proposal

Hi dear,
I am here for a quick update on this proposal,
and I want also to thank so much @frnvpr for all the help he gave us setting up the DAO and walk me through the steps of proposals helping me create more order in mind and organization,

in the last month we coul reach few more goals:


getting into details for the DAO implementation, mapping options for the hybrid publication phisical/digital and through NFTs and set up a budget:
[introduction] COSMIA DAO - #7 by FritzWorm Astro
well except the budget, but learned how to create and manage proposal
→ second release throug posts and press release: actually we had few interwiews and call but still not wrote the post
→ estimate deadline: august 2021 (ok that tooks a lot more, sorry)
→ 50 NEAR (I will do a proposal through COSMIA DAO for share between active partecipant on this step and keep few for bigger upcoming investment for visibility on the NEAR blockchain)


->Publish on Mintbase on NEAR the novel L’ossimoro sorridente by Francesca Fretti (book + multimedia contents): we decided to publish for now only one part for the NARRANDOMNIA subproject
->Publish on Mintbase on NEAR the collaborative book generated by the project #cicatriciebaci #scarkisses (33 people = 33 stories + 33 images = 33 NFT) (this is already mentioned in a previous proposal by barbara.near and abot that I am preparing for some accomplishment sharing): see consideration here about this step [APPROVED] Scar related project, NFT+book (on Mintbase) - #31 by BarbaraTosti basicalli we keep the flow by a first NFT publication only and keep working on the paper book separately, considering further NFT implementation after that step

→ second release throug posts and press release
→ estimate deadline: october 2021 (change this deadline)
→ 50 NEAR

Actually we want to focalize more into collaborations, like the one in march with Incubadora DAO and grow audience and material to show throug calls, stipends, social media planning using NEAR ecosystems tools, DAOS, etc, I will add proposal when ready

Our flowing way of building is not going to cover planned step straight forward but we are in a constant movement and manifestation, just a little more complicated to share in schemes, thanks for comprehension.


Hey Barbara,

would you mind setting up a call with me? I am having trouble really understanding the project.

I don’t know what exactly Mintbase should be funding.

Thank you

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