[Approved] Proposal For Starting A Near Sports Engagement and Education Initiative [featuring Near Football Viewing Centre and The Near Amateur League]

Hey :wave:. Thank You for your proposal. Could you please use this form?
Thank You :blush:


Of course, @Dacha. Thank you.


Hello! as @Dacha has asked, if you’re still confused at any point, let me known I can help out.

Above all, an awesome proposal you’re building already. I’m a Liverpool fan myself😁


Thank you @IgbozeIsrael.

You’re very kind. I love Liverpool! YNWA!


Hello, will the teams wear jerseys with NEAR Protocol logo on it? I think adding that to the league will make real sense.

How about the spectators? Will they also at some point receive like few minutes classes?


Honestly, this seems like a beautiful initiative, I understand very well what it is to want to integrate young people with something that they are passionate about and involve them in NEAR through their interests. I also have an educational project ([Proposal] 1st NEAR Model of United Nations) and I will always give my support to this type of undertaking :star_struck: :soccer: :star_struck:


Hello and thanks @IgbozeIsrael

Of course, these jerseys will have Near Protocol and Near Amateur League emblazoned on them.

Local football tournaments are probably the biggest crowd-pullers. It would hardly be prudent not to maximise this opportunity to address and educate the spectators. There will be a portable public address system to aid talking to the spectators.


Hi, @Nicolasp2.

Thank you for your kind words. I checked out your proposal and it’s going to be impactful.

Well done!


This is very interesting because I believe this is a start of something big. My questions are

First: which state will you begin with, because there are areas where this will be fully accepted and others who will be indifferent

Second: How do you plan on breaking the traditional method of hand to hand transfer of Naira which I know people are clearly used to

concerning the league this is very interesting, we can even incorporate other blockchain teams already established


Thanks @damboy22

First, I’m in Akure, Ondo State. This is where the project will be domiciled.

I’ve spoken with a few people (guys in my area who live and breathe football - potential customers) and they said they’d love to be a part of the project. There’s increased apathy for the use of cash, even for mundane, everyday items, plus a majority of the youths are already involved - one way or another - with cryptocurrency. So the terrain is not completely strange to them.

So like I showed in the proposal, as soon as the structure is up, promotional events will be hosted solely for onboarding purposes, opening of wallets and helping customers to set up payments. I’m going to make it significantly cheaper to pay using Near, plus I’ll incentivise them with free drinks, etc. during every match.


Agree with you. I’m not sure about all Marketing DAO councils, but I’m gonna support this proposal.


Thanks @Dacha.

I look forward to starting this groundbreaking work.


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Love your response we are surely going to take over Nigeria and Africa starting from the grassroot


Your confidence is inspiring!


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It’s really a great idea and will make massive impact.

We await the response of the council regarding it.


Go for it ! Nice idea.

Will like to see a good video about it, and a list of new wallets created, you could make the participants to ask for funds on a DAO so they will also gain the experience of using a DAO, that is mind blowing really ! Democracy will improve thanks to DAOs, maybe I am a #NEARDAO lover haha =)


Hi @AugustKinge that’s look like an amazing idea congrats !! Keep going :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:t4:

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Thanks @FritzWorm

I studied your work on “Crypto Beer” very closely. It is incredible! Obviously, I consulted your project while I crafted the proposal, and I have a feeling I’ll keep checking it as a reference as I go on.

Between you and @Dacha (mostly), I learnt the demands and procedures of transparency and accountability in the MarketingDAO. You can be sure that there’s going to be loads of videos (and tables, as necessary) showcasing the progress of each phase as we move forward.

Thank you again, @FritzWorm


Thanks @Lebarondelisbonne

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Concerning the viewing hall, have you considered paintings of NEAR Logo and some few info graphs on the wall? It will help viewers have basic understanding even when there isn’t a meetup.

@Dacha @FritzWorm what do you think?