[APPROVED] POSTAL October - Urban Immigrant Photos

After 2 months of receiving photos from 6 different cities, we decided to continue this project in the month of October through a new bounty Postal([BOUNTY] POSTAL SEPTEMBER - Urban Pics of immigrants) .
With amazing images captured in the two editions and after our first live between the three photographers in August. We decided to keep the challenge looking for 3 new photographers in different cities and a Live at the end of October with the last photographers of the project.

All material produced is being published on our Instagram page CUDO DAO and gradually will be available for sale on our mintbase .


I’m thinking about taking part in this project this month, photographing the community immigrant in Sintra. I’m essentially missing street photos on the Postal Project =)


It will be a pleasure to have this multi artist participating in the new edition of Postal.

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And we’re off to another month of amazing photos!