[Approved, paid] Socializer Platform Funding request (Design, Development & Marketing) , HOM-004P-1-1 Ecosystem

Ok, thank you! I’m happy to support your proposal and let’s wait for NDC v1 live.


As a House Of Merit member, i will be happy to support the project when we will in V1 :slight_smile:


Appreciate it Panda!


I like the sound of this project but I don’t think the NDC should fund things like this directly because it will set a standard for many projects to request direct funding. It seems like something better fit for BuildDAO or DevHub to fund assuming everything is open source


Hello team! Poll created : https://near.org/astraplusplus.ndctools.near/widget/home?page=dao&tab=proposals&daoId=congress-hom-v1.ndc-gwg.near&proposalId=47

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Very interesting proposal and I feel a “socializer” would be a useful and engaging tool in the near/near.social ecosystem. I echo the concerns of @Cameron though and see it as a a proposal that could be passed by a Grassroots DAO within the ecosystem.

Has this proposal been discussed with devhub yet? Or with near social team (not for funding, just for feedback)?

Thanks for the feedback, @Cameron and @chloe. Glad you liked the Socializer idea.

I was initially referring this to this guide and believed it applied to any individual project, and hence submitted the proposal here. If that convention has changed, I am fine with running the idea by Dev Hub or Build DAO.

We have already started working on this application. The team would be glad HoM could pass this, if approving this is not against the rules in place.



The NDC does accept individual proposals :ok_hand:t4::pray:t4:, so this proposal will be assessed. At the same time, I feel as though there should ge really be an attempt to work with Devhub first since they have more expertise with supporting devs within the ecosystem and are more set up to support projects that are creating tech that supports the near eco.

DevHub vision does not always align with the CoA/NDC vision though, so sometimes there may be a need for the NDC to step in and ensure there isn’t a gap in the tools available for the near eco.

The NDC intererm budget of 1m also makes me personally want to focus on proposals in this period that would engage the largest number of people.

The proposal is definitely not against the rules, and it’s great to see the team is already building. Imo I would love to at least know if devhub would be open to funding this project or not. If it’s a clear no, then imo the funding should potentially come from the NDC in some way (through build DAO or directly).

I am also only 1 HoM member and this is just my personal opinion.

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I understand @chloe. I have posted on DevHub feed asking DevHub for feedback on the idea.


I will keep track of it irrespective of the outcome on the HoM proposal. Thank you.


Devhub has different type goals and aims for funding projects. HOM and Devhub needs to make a clear discussion of what type of tech funding does devhub do so projects know who they should refer to for project funding for V1.


Socializer looks promising. Cant wait!!! LFG

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It is disappointing to see the low voting turnout from the HoM on a proposal which has been live for nearly 5 days now.

A significant amount of time is invested in drafting proposals. Regardless of acceptance or rejection, a healthy voting turnout would demonstrate that all proposals are being fairly assessed.

Only Chloe and Cameron have provided feedback besides the members that voted.


Dear Team! Unfortunately, Your proposal was rejected.

  1. Voting Consensus 8/15 has not been reached

  2. You can find poll results below https://near.org/astraplusplus.ndctools.near/widget/home?page=dao&tab=proposals&daoId=congress-hom-v1.ndc-gwg.near&proposalId=47

Hi @Dacha, as you can see the low voting turnout possibly due to holidays, is there is provision to extend the voting duration or start a fresh vote for the same? This extension will provide a fair opportunity for all members to evaluate and vote of our proposal. We appreciate the support so far.


Hello @Dacha and @chloe, request you to consider the proposal for February funding round, as it hasn’t received adequate evaluation during the last vote during holidays.


Yes, sure! Have a good day!


Hello @Punter.near . Poll created: https://near.org/astraplusplus.ndctools.near/widget/home?page=dao&tab=proposals&daoId=congress-hom-v1.ndc-gwg.near&proposalId=83

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Hey @chloe!


Here’s the attestation that I received from Owen of DevHub.

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@Punter.near could you please DM me ASAP?

Socializer Platform 2-Month Progress Report

Development and Testing:
Nearverse Labs has made substantial progress on the Socializer platform, designed to enhance user engagement on NEAR Social by rewarding interactions. The development of the Socializer App has been completed and is currently undergoing internal testing. Key developments can be accessed and reviewed at Socializer Widgets Page and Socializer App Page.

User Guide:
Work on the user guide is ongoing and will be available at Socializer User Guide.

Social Media Campaign:
A social media campaign launched on Twitter has successfully gathered interest from the community, with 20 responses for beta testing.

Beta Testing:
Beta testing is scheduled to begin this week, ensuring that the platform is robust and user-friendly.
Following beta testing, a comprehensive report will be published in the first week of May.

Marketing & onboarding

We will initiate a marketing campaign and form partnership with active projects on Near to start onboarding more users and also to encourage projects to use Socializer to promote their Near Social posts.

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