[Approved, paid] NDC Wallet Work Group Request to Fund HERE and Meteor Wallet

This proposal is designed to source feedback from the House of Merit on the request to approve $100,000 fund “HERE Wallet” and “Meteor Wallet” $50,000 each for them to add Ledger support, release “missions / challenges” to increase collaboration between other apps in the ecosystem, launch at least V1 of mobile and web versions, and build their own independent RPC node, data source, and indexer.

The payment schedule would be:

Milestone 1: $25k - Add Ledger support & release “missions / challenges” to increase collaboration between other apps in the ecosystem.

Milestone 2: $25k - Launch at least V1 of mobile and web versions. Build their own independent RPC node, data source, and indexer.

These wallets were chosen by their relevance to research areas and scope of NDC WWG, alignment and past participation in the Wallet Builder Group and DevHub Wallet Standards discussions, value proposition, impact on users in the NEAR ecosystem, innovative technology, team background, history of shipping quality NEAR projects, and attestations from trustworthy members of community. In an attempt to make the evaluation process more fair and transparent, the HoM created this weighted wallet weighted features list that wallets had the ability to comment on and change: NDC NEAR Wallet Features with Weights - Google Sheets


Meteor Wallet Update for the NDC Community

Hello NDC Community,

We’re sharing a quick update on the Meteor Wallet project and our progress with the NDC wallet work group fund.


  • Milestone 1 Completed: We’ve added Ledger support for better security and launched a new missions feature to boost collaboration in the NEAR ecosystem. The first mission supported meme coins on NEAR, rewarding users with Meteor points.

Next Steps:

  • New Direction for Missions: Moving forward, we’ll shift from standalone Meteor missions to integrating $MOON missions within the Harvest Moon game. This aims to enhance user engagement and ecosystem discovery.

Milestone 2 Update:

  • Resource Focus: Due to the technical demands of developing mobile apps and an internal indexer for Milestone 2, we’re focusing on the Harvest Moon project for now. This means a delay of a few months for Milestone 2 completion.
  • Expanding Our Team: We’re looking to hire two developers to help meet our goals, though budget constraints make this challenging. Rest assured, we’re doing everything we can to bring the right talent onboard.

Our Promise: Despite these challenges, we’re fully committed to completing Milestone 2 and contributing to the NEAR ecosystem. Your patience and support mean a lot to us.

Thanks for standing by us. We’re excited to bring more updates and success stories to you soon.

Best, The Meteor Team