[Approved] Nxm DAO Marketing Funding April -2022


Funding Scheme: Monthly

Project: Social Media Management April

Council: @Monish016 @Paul @vandal

Links: NxM Live | Linktree

Target Address: nxm.sputnik-dao.near

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Marketing DAO proposal March
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Request amount: 1160 USD in NEAR


NxM Had a Spectacular Month of MArch with the Events and Projects Planned and Executed under the NxM Projects/Event Grant. You could Find out the Monthly Report Here

In the Month of April, NxM Has Planned a Way Lot of Activities to Engage the Community. Also With the New Social Media Team, Pushing out Abilities Beyond Boundaries will increase our Engagement and Interaction With the Community

Social Media Management March Report

The monthly tasks for the social media management position are:

  • IG:

    • Management: posting daily, including NFT drops, stories & posts from other DAOs within the Ecosystem & the NEAR profile - 200 USD x N
  • Twitter:

    • min. 3 posts & retweets per week about streams, events, collaborations & funding options (through the gov. forum) - 200 USD x N
  • TG:

    • Community calls
    • Sharing of bounties/ possibilities in the Ecosystem & nurturing DAO to DAO / artist collabs through actively connecting them with other artists
    • Reviewing funding proposals & updates, explaining DAO functions, payouts etc. - 300USD x N
  • Discord:
    *Active Community Participation, Syncing Events through telegram and Twitter, Discord Trivia - 260USD x N

  • Tik Tok:
    *Create Content for Tik Tok, Promote artists and their Music on Tik Tok 200USD x N

Current numbers:

  • IG: 226 Followers
  • Twitter: 1096 Followers
  • TG: 512 Members
  • Discord: 216


Reaching the following numbers by the end of the month:

IG: reaching 240 followers

Twitter: reach 1150 followers

TG: grow to 535 members

Discord: 230

Amount: 1160 USD

Thank You


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NxM YouTube

BeatDAO list of links

Thank you


BeatDAO is mainly for music producers around Hip-Hop in the first place, whereas NxM is focused on a wider genre audience, and aims to be a vertical DAO for music projects.

In addition, BeatDAO focuses on releasing music material like NEAR Mixtape Vol.1 or now - BAYOR EP, which is in progress.

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Please find it here :slight_smile:

As Paul Stated, Beat DAO is more concentrated on Music Production, While NxM is Related to Music Itself. NxM and Beats DAO are Closely Related to EachOther. In other Words, Nxm Could be the DAO Verticle For Music While Beats is Subcategory of it.


Ok, thanks.

Sorry, a lot of questions, just wanna understand the work flow in Music DAOs.

  • How do Music DAOs usually spend royalties (Mint Base, Paras)? Would be great to take a look on statistics.

Paras doesn’t support mp3 for now, therefore we are not there, as it would require from artist to prepare a mp4 file, which usually bigger than mp3.
Also, Paras doesn’t allow us to deploy our store as a smart contract, so if we would like to create our own collection, we would use Paras’ smart contract, however on mintbase, owning a store is owning our own smart contract.

On mintbase, NxM and BeatDAO take 10% from forever royalties, and 10% in one time payment if we are minting on behalf of the artist.

DAOrecords will change that in 2022, as the audio launchpad is under construction, where Music DAOs and artists will have bigger range of possibilities in terms of music releases and some use cases for their NFTs.

We’re building!


From me, I propose reduce to 0%, otherwise there are no difference between traditional talent agencies (for example, my wife is actress and pays 10% to her agent) and web3 … furthermore “web2” agencies for 10% cover all legal, payroll, taxes and paperwork questions;

Another one way is put the royalties in “Music DAO” treasury, spread between musicians or pay them for streams, like Apple Music ($6-$10 per 1000 streams);

I see how we pay huge money on onboarding new musicians and promotions, but, In my opinion, we don’t have real trumps to retain them in web3 metaverse.

I believe, a final goal is self-sufficient DAOs. Marketing DAO can give a great kick-start for these DAOs/projects.


I would love to connect more with you on this thought and idea.


I can’t agree with that…

First of all, the fees that currently are being set into royalties/one-time payments are our main income at the moment, also almost every artist needs some help with minting their NFTs, etc which we as councils are covering.

Such high revenues are meant mostly for huge music stars, there is no way that we will get $6 per 1000 streams as NxM at this stage…

Moreover, NxM has been established in order to operate in a different and better way, without web2 streaming services like Spotify, Apple, or Tidal. The streaming services where we should seek collaboration are Tamago, Emanate, or even NEARton, however, those services are still at an early stage.

If an artist knows what web3 stands for, we don’t have to make them stay in web3.
We are showing artists the possibilities of music release, networking with others, and support with some technical aspects (like minting).

Yes, but reducing fees to 0 won’t help that at our current stage. :wink:

DAO should be WIP constantly, with that being said NxM councils are aware of the long-term goal which is being a self-sufficient entity, and we are working on that, however, it’s not something that will be reached in 2 or month period.


Thanks. Happy to support your proposal. Would be great to see NxM road map, progress, current goals, how many musicians were onboarded, opportunities, maybe shareable excel form for new musicians … with your next proposal in May.


Thank you @Dacha, for the support. Please find the list of projects/events that are supported by NxM grants for April is described here

Roadmap,progress and goals will be shared through next proposal or individual post.

May I consider this post post as Approved


Please, wait to response from Marketing DAO councils. Thank you


Hi @Monish016 – I am happy to support this – you need support from one more person on the @marketingdao-council before it can be moved to Approved/Astro. Thanks!


Thank you @so608, @Klint can you be the one ?


Hi @Monish016 thanks for your proposal. I have noted your replies to fellow Marketing DAO council members and am happy to support.

Now moving to Approved - please make a Poll proposal on Astro


I’m approving it. A very thorough proposal - nice job.