[APPROVED] November Budget HYPE DAO

Recap of HypeDAO activities in October

Overview of HypeDAO Initiatives for November

Website Development: $900

Collection Budget: $360

Hype Battles: $770

Twitter Spaces: $180

5N (~$9 per Near at the time of writing) per space hosted, 4 spaces per month

DAO Coordination: $360

10N per council member (~$9 per Near at the time of writing)
General discord and community management split evenly between four council members

Budget item USD amount
Website Development 900
Collection Budget 360
Hype Battles 770
Twitter Spaces 180
DAO Coordination 360
Total requested $ 2570

Hello @EV3RETH, this is for November, right?

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It sure is :man_facepalming:, sorry about that I got mixed up on months when I was writing the recap.


Looks good to me! Straight forward and to the point.

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Hello, proposal approved!
Feel free to ask the requested $ amount, in NEAR, in our astrodao.
Keep up the good work.

Thank you, do I need to change the title or will you all do that?


Ups. Forgot, done! :wink: