[Approved] Near x Art May, June & July

Title: [Near x Art] - FUNDING PROPOSAL FOR [May, June] - [2023]

NearXart is a decentralized autonomous organization that focuses on several initiatives that range from creating utility NFTs to empowering creatives and giving back to the community.

The organization started with the long-term vision of an art enthusiast and also an artist named Kareem.

He realized that there has been little coverage of local artists and their talent, and he believes with the emergence of blockchain, which has brought to life NFT, any local artist can advertise their talent out there. In a quest to solve this problem, Kareem set up NearXart as a channel to help creatives monetize their work and get the accolades they deserve.

Explain in detail about your DAO, what purpose it solves, what will the community be like and what are you trying to build.

Recognizing the default between blockchain and local artists, NearXart decides to pool its resources in order to foster a relationship between physical arts and the blockchain. This will allow physical art to be seen just like NFTs and can be purchased separately.
The services provided by nearXart to ensure that tangible art, local artists, and stunning local environmental pictures are delivered to the outside world are listed below.

NFT creation

NearXart uses its resources to create NFT both in physical form and also in digital form, which helps in the linking of physical art to NFT. They believe blockchain can be promoted more to the physical part of the arts in the form of physical NFT, while digital NFT will also be available. Digitalizing art that has been drawn in a physical form will make it more popular in the digital world.

Promotion on Blockchain

Since its founding, NearXart has put in a lot of effort to encourage local artists to use blockchain technology. They think that by doing this, local artists will be able to sell more of their works and be exposed to a wider audience online. Since digital artists and investors have been the main users of blockchain, the influx of local artists will strengthen it because there are more NFT investors online.

Charitable contribution

The organization also sees digitalization as a way of raising money through beautiful pictures of the local environment by listing them as NFT. This will also promote local photographers and their pictures, which will be minted as NFT, and, through that, raise money to support local environmental development.

Some of NearXart’s future projections include having a gallery that will include different works of art. People with any NFT from NearXart will have automatic access to this gallery. It will also possess a section for augmented reality.

  • Why team is best for the funds


Founder of Near x Art Dao. He is a 2nd generation curator of wood collage art in the world. A web 3 enthusiast with so much passion in community building and aligning people with the goal of decentralization.

He has garnered a lot of experience in community management, artist management, event planning, social media moderation, content creation and community building.
Successfully facilitated 20+ people to represent Near in a global web 3 event. He has been a major driver in onboarding about 500+ people to the ecosytem.

He has worked with several projects within and out of the Near ecosystem. Since the inception of Near x Art, Supercoolkay has helped over 40+ artist earn a living with their works. Twitter

Based in canada with experience in auditing and quality assurance. She founded Near Woman; a community that focuses educating female creatives about web3 and how to leverage this emerging technology in their everyday live.

She will bring her skill set into the general overview of the projects, it’s lifecycle, compliance and would ensure that all aspect of the protects are carried out most especially in the Wildlife art segment. @Bimpsyy


A talented musical artist with so much expertise in planning event, graphics design, project management, educating about web 3 and its possibilities. He has trained over 150+ newbies on how to interact with Near Dapps.

He is an experienced marketer who have helped accelerated the sales of some web 2 firm with is unique marketing approach. He has incorporated his skills to web 3 challenges and has successfully assisted in the scaling of Near x Art. https://twitter.com/ofberryy?s=21

A web 3 enthusiast with a background in event planning, art creation and community management. He has the passion to contribute to developement of a more sustainable web, blovkchain use cases and NFT real life application.

Yekeen has helped Near x Art in onboarding, educating and packing of our real life events. @Yekin


He is a vocalist, student, a community builder and currently working in this space as a social media moderator in the Near x Art Dao. He has successfully hosted several Talk & Win show an AMA that helped newbies navigate their way in the ecosystem.

Chumchum is a professional videographer. He works with near x art in creating video content for our artist, our workshop and real life event.

His passion for a decentralized ecosystem as motivated him to receive his work payments in Near coin.https://instagram.com/chumworks?igshid=NTc4MTIwNjQ2YQ==

He is one Near x Art prominent members. He has produced several physical Nft of arts for the dao and also introduced Near to over 10+ creatives. His passion for web 3 cut across the field of NFT creation, charitable contribution and decentralization. https://instagram.com/o.l.u.w.a_s.e.u.n?igshid=NTc4MTIwNjQ2YQ==

  • Achievement information about the DAO

Built a community for creative to thrive in the web 3 space, not just the tech enthusiast.

Successfully onboarded 600+ creatives to Near

Successfully trained 500+ artists on how to navigate their way in web 3.0

Creation of very unique set of art works that ranges from wood collage, mix media and painting.

Team have put forward initiatives that gives back to the community (Ghetto photography, pet & wildlife)

Represented Near at a global web 3 event in Lagos.

5 in real life event

5+ Workshop training for artist

Growing community size of 1,000+ both online and real life.

Facilitated the use of Near coin for transaction amongst artists.

Sold 8 physical art.

Collaborated with various community in and outside Near ecosystem to improve the welfare of creatives in web 3.0

Supported in the creation of sub- creative-daos in the ecosystem.

  • Content and Social media stats (web2/web3), on-chain activity, built dapps (if applicable only)

  • Recently facilitated our community member onchain activity & decentraliztion via Astrodao voting system.

  • Facilitated on chain activity on Near social by prompting our member to explore this new Dapp. Near x Art | Near Social

  • Integrating new NFT tools with our community to increase our on chain interaction. Example: Near x art membership tag on App.Satori.art

  1. Share the content links of youtube Instagram with numbers of engagement, website etc, events done IRL

No of events IRL: 5

Near x Art on Youtube

Near x Art on twitter

Near x Art on Instagram

  1. Share the number of proposals created, How many councils, size of community, number of NFTs in mintbase, events done in metaverse
  2. DApps if built and the purpose it solves, any traction metrics etc.
  • Genre - What category does your DAO fall under

1. Art
2. Music
3. Culture
4. Mixed-Media
5. Charitable contribution

What kind of impact is creating or is on the track to create (e.g. defined by social impact, tech innovation, DAO to DAO collaboration, helping in mass onboarding, growth of NEARs name etc)


  • Onboarding local artistes to web 3

  • Education

  • Artist support for local artistes

  • Growth of the Near ecosystem.

  • Charitable contribution via NFT and blockchain infrastructure.

  • Roadmap

Phase 1: (1 - 6 months)


  • Training of artists, photographer and all creatives about web3.0 and its oppurtunies.
  • Visual and IRL Art workshop.
  • Request for fund from creatives dao.
  • Creation of NFT, arts and documentries.
  • Development of art-sales platform for our physical art.

Phase 2: ( 7 - 12 months)

  • Explore financial opportunities with NFT, arts and creativity
  • Develop a stategy of selling our NFTs, arts and values.
  • Partnership with NFT platforms and other web 3 ecosystem.
  • Events, workshop, meet-up and exhibition.
  • Work & partner with veteran creatives
  • Develop our NFT platform into a Dapp built on Near.

Phase 3 (13 - 18 months):

  • A physical hub and workshop space.

  • Train newbies on art and Nft creation

  • Rebranding

  • Introduce artefacts to our NFTs

  • Web 3 consultancy services with the use of NFTs and infrastruces built on Near.

  • Partnership with web 2 creative firms willing to integrate of migrate to web 3.0

  • DAO’s Milestones for proposal


Project 1 (Paint & Create with Near)

Description: Near x art dao is a community that aims to onboard creatives in every field to explore the opportunities in web 3 & Near. We are hosting a workshop for creators and art enthusiast to create and learn about NFTs.
Expected outcome: Training on how to create hyperrealistic artworks will be anchored by @Dinduart
50 NFTs will be minted in different Near marketplaces at the workshop. (Paras, Few & far, mintbase.)
Live training on how to create digital art
Wallet creation and its use cases will be discussed
50+ attendee will create a Near social account and post their artsworks
70% of 100+ attendees will have prior knowledge about art creation
Organic growth and unique active wallet of 50+ from usage of Near.social , minting of artworks and wallet creation.
Activities & timelines: Education on web3 and NFT creation
Hyperrealistic art creation training
Digital art creation training by @Adeclassic
Clay art training
Colour and charcoal painting
Lagos Nigeria
Budget: Venue - $350
Art Materials - $400
Neardrop link - $200: ($2 * 100) : For wallet activation, minting and gas fee.
Manual Book - $100: This pamphlet will feature the QR code, guide on how to mint & interact with Dapps on Near, list of different guild/community in the ecosystem with their role, mission and vision.
Customized Cup with Near & Near x art logo - $100
Refreshment - $400:** This is limited to first 80 attendees. An estimate of $5 per head ($5 * 80= $400)
Physical & Online promotion for the event - $150**
Event mc & music service - $150
Video & photography - $300 :
Total: 2,150


Project 2 (Near x Art Online Platform)

Description: Near x art dao is a community that has created several physucal arts and NFT projects on Near. We want to create a platform on web that will feature all our NFTs for sale on various market places.
Expected outcome: A Platform to buy an NFT of Art
Book an art training session.
Video on art creation training will be posted on the platform
Meet our artists and creators
A linkage to different NFT marketplaces.
Activities & timelines: UI\UX design
Server and host
technical layout
Budget: $400
Total: $400

Some of the ascertained Target wallet:

  • Joshomo.near
  • Yekeen.near


Project 2 (Near x Art Online Platform)

Description: Near x art dao is a community that has created several physucal arts and NFT projects on Near. We want to create a platform on web that will feature all our NFTs for sale on various market places.
Expected outcome: A Platform to buy an NFT of Art
Book an art training session.
Video on art creation training will be posted on the platform
Meet our artists and creators
A linkage to different NFT marketplaces.
Activities & timelines: UI\UX design
Server and host
technical layout
Budget: $400
Total: $400


Project 3 (Creation of "Phydigital’ NFT)

Description: Near x art dao is a community that focuses onboarding local artist to web 3 through the creation and integration of NFTs to physical artworks. As part of our roadmap, we will be onboarding local artist to the Near NFT space via the creation of physical NFTs of art.
Expected outcome: Creation of fine arts, clay arts, hyper realistic painting and collage.
Usage of Near.social, paras, Navito, few and far, etc)
Educate newbies on how to mint, importance of joining a community in the Near ecosystem, opputunities as a creative in web 3.
Onboard 5 - 10 creators
Video creation of the process of these arts
Promotion of this art on their platforms to potential buyers.
Activities & timelines: Education and training
Physical meeting
Material purchase
Budget: $150 for 5 artistes = $750

Who are the artists?
(Prospective receivers)


  • Faithnime.near
  • Uncleshakila.near
  • Oliwaseu.near
  • maqicfinqer.near


Project 3 (Spoken Word Artist support)

Description: Near x art dao aims to onboard creatives to the Near ecosystem. Creativity encomppes arts, culture, music and of course SPOKEN WORDS.We are supporting 2 - 4 spoken words artist with $200
Expected outcome: Creation of spoken word art
Usage of Near.social, paras, Navito, Decent.land, satori and mintbase.
Educate these artistes on the importance of integrating blockchain infrasture with creative performances.
Onboard 4 spoken word artist.
Regular post on Near social, twitter and instagram
Infusion of Near protocol to spoken word.
Activities & timelines: Creative reasoning
Near social as a tool for spoekn word offer acceptance
Budget: $200



  • Sorkpor.near
  • Bespoken.near
Remuneartion Cost Breakdown Duration
$1,500 Supervision of project may,june,july
Brainstorming of proposal may, june, july
Community building may, june, july
Education may, june, july
Event planning April,may, june,july
Graphics designing may june, july
NFT quality assurance for Phydigital art May, June & July
Community call/AMA May, june, July

  • What is the goal of the DAO’s objective?
    Our goal is to onboard creatives to web 3 via the Near ecosystem thereby making a livelihood for them.

  • Roadmap to reach the goal

  • Organize visual and in real life event to connect with art lovers and creatives.

  • Onboard creatives from other fields.

  • How is the longer term goal divided into milestones making the DAO reach

  • Milestone 1 focuses on community growth and branding

  • Milestone 2 Focuses on Dao revenue making scheme and sustainability

  • Milestone 3 Expansion and long term vision.

  • What will the community or the team members’ role be?

  • Educators, researcher, creators, artists, video director, event coordinator.

Total request number: $5,000 Usdc

**DAO on-chain address (target wallet): nearxart.sputnik-dao.near


The proposal was granted approval on May 17th within the funding vertical of CreativesDAO, delineating the following details:



Hi @Supercoolkay and NearxArt! Congratulations on your approved proposal.

Please proceed with steps in [Guide] Creatives Constellation Funding Guidelines to claim the payout for your project.

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